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Tyler Cameron Talks Sexting, Gigi Hadid's Pregnancy, a Potential Stint on The Bachelor & More

Tyler Cameron stopped by Daily Pop to chat with E!'s Erin Lim about everything from his relationship with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown to the newly launched Quibi show Barkitecture, which he hosted. As for his experience with the latter, Tyler said he loved it so much that he'd "probably rather hang out with a bunch of dogs and do a season two" rather than become the next Bachelor.

That, and the notion that his "heart wouldn't be in it."

"Who knows? I'll never say never," Tyler said of the prospect. "But I think I'm at the point of my life where there's things I need to focus on for myself and get to where I need to be before I can give myself to somebody."

Does the apply to Hannah, as well? The two have reunited a few times since she sent him home on The Bachelorette; namely while quarantined with a group of people in Florida amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, according to Tyler, she's currently just "a great friend.

"I'm glad we could put our past behind us and [be] able to hang out and enjoy that time together," Tyler, who recently lost his mother, told Erin. "We both were kind of going through some things when all that occurred, and so, to be each other's support was nice. And to have a good friend like that was great."

He continued, "The future? I don't know. I have no idea what the future holds. I'm just glad I have a great friend again."

But Hannah isn't the only woman Tyler's been linked to in the past year or so. After his stint on The Bacheloretterumors swirled about a possible romance with Gigi Hadid. The two reportedly went their separate ways in the fall of 2019, and she's since announced that she's expecting a child with her longtime on-again/off-again boyfriend Zayn Malik.

"I'm excited for her and I wish her nothing but the best," Tyler said on Daily Pop. "She's gonna be the most incredible mom."

And even if he's not ready for a serious relationship right now, Tyler still played a fun game of dating dos and don'ts with Erin—one of which is quarantine-specific: sliding into the DMs!

"In quarantine, it's a do. Because there's no other way to communicate right now," Tyler said. "So, go for it. I'd rather meet you in person but DMs are fine."

Anyone who manages to get a response, whether online or in-person, should probably avoid playing hard to get. Tyler dubbed this a "don't!"

"It's fun, for a little bit. But I'm not in the business of playing games," he explained. "It'll get old quick. I'd rather you be real."

More dating no-nos for Tyler? Talking about an ex, or bringing up the idea of kids before the cocktails even come out. He is down for kissing on the first date, though! Even bolder, Tyler said he's not opposed to sexting, whether it's in the early stages of a relationship or not.

"That might push things a little quick. But that'll tell you where she's at and what she's looking for in a relationship," he explained. "Uh, why not? Go for it. Do. Sure."

"Let's get it hot!" Tyler added.

Watch the complete Daily Pop interview in the above clip!

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