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Two Exciting Announcements for Summer & 21/22 Season

The pandemic stopped the world of music on its tracks, forcing Miami International Piano Festival to reset. That is precisely what we have done, emerging this season stronger than ever and with a renewed sense of appreciation for, and commitment to, the great artists we have embraced throughout all of these years.

LIVE Concerts are back!

MIPFA Three-Day Summer Seminars

Miami International Piano Festival is thrilled to announce the in-person reemergence of the Miami International Piano Festival for the 2021–2022 season. The Grand Opening will take place on October 16–17, featuring six extraordinary artists performing works from the solo and concerto repertoire.

Miami International Piano Festival Academy

Summer seminars with our stellar faculty

We are also excited that our state-of-the-art Virtual Platform’s Academy will present this summer's Three-Day seminar. Led by many of our renowned artists and focusing on a specific repertoire, these seminars will be limited to six pianists at a time, but observers will be welcomed to attend these musically enriching sessions. Observer registration will remain open until 48 hours before each seminar is set to begin.

During the Three–Day Seminar, one of our great artists will work with two or three participants per session, while the rest of the participants will have a rare opportunity to interact with questions related to the topic, in the group-engaging tradition of Franz Liszt and Artur Schnabel. All sessions will be recorded and made available for participants and observers to view through our archives in the platform.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Miami International Piano Festival


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