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Turkish Organic EVOO Brand OLEAMEA Launches In Florida Fresh Market Location

Turkish organic extra virgin olive oil brand, OLEAMEA, is now available at Fresh Market locations throughout Florida.

OLEAMEA is family-owned and operated, offering high quality, organic extra virgin olive oils that are sustainably made in the Aegean Region of Turkey. A few key facts on the brand and its award-winning organic EVOOs:

  • The MEMECIK olives are hand-harvested by local farmers and cold-pressed within two to four hours of leaving the tree

  • The brand relies on the traditions of the Turkish land and the artisanship of the local masters to create an unparalleled product

  • OLEAMEA oils are never refined or processed and are sustainably sourced from olive to bottle

OLEAMEA offers two organic olive oils that are now available locally at Fresh Market stores in Florida: Organic Premium Everyday and Organic Private Select.

OLEAMEA Organic Premium Everyday

OLEAMEA’s Organic Premium Everyday is a single-blend crafted with early harvest Memecik olives that are cold-pressed within four hours of being hand-picked from the tree. It has a light and balanced taste profile with aromatic notes of green almond and hints of wild herbs. Best for heavy use cooking/ finishing/ dipping and baking. Perfect for brightening your everyday meals.

MSRP: $18.99 // Available at Fresh Market locations.

OLEAMEA Organic Private Select

Organic Private Select is crafted with a single-blend of Memecik olives that are cold-pressed within two hours of being hand-picked from the tree, allowing the maximum amount of polyphenols and antioxidants to be extracted. The terroir of the land high up in the hills gives it a fruity flavor, with aromatic notes of fresh cut grass and hints of green banana to perfectly balance the distinct peppery bitterness that is a common trait of high-quality oils. A must for drizzling/ dipping/ finishing and for anyone looking to elevate their culinary experience. $22.99// Available at Fresh Market locations

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Oleamea


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