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Try These Tasty New Dishes at Villa Azur Miami Beach

From spice-crusted ahi tuna to saucy vegan gnocchi, Miami Beach's elegant French-Mediterranean supper club Villa Azur has a fresh set of menu items to try.

The dynamic restaurant and lounge isn't a novice to combining European tradition with Miami modernity. While its expert chefs serve familiar recipes within a classy environment, Villa Azur remains committed to presenting a vibrant and flirty vibe. This dedication most recently shines through its newest menu additions in tune with the oncoming autumn season.

Inspired by Villa Azur's preexisting concept, ingredients and techniques, the new menu brings a handful of innovative dishes to the table that beautifully blend with its current culinary roster. Included is the focus on vegetarian and vegan options. The inclusive implementation allows patrons to experience meat alternatives that are just as fulfilling and delicious, if not more, no matter one's meat partiality.

A key example is the Impossible Gnocchi ($42), a vegan gnocchi dish made with Impossible ground beef, classic handmade tomato sauce, grated cashew cheese and basil.

"We like to accommodate to our guest," said Villa Azur's Chef Torres. "We wanted to create something flavorful that not only vegans will order. Impossible meat became a very good protein replacement, and I think a good way of using it is by creating a bolognese sauce with it that combines good, fresh ingredients like tomato and basil served in a more complex dish like gnocchi."

Among the other dishes, Chef Torres anticipates that the Blackened Swordfish ($43) will be a hit.

"I love this dish because is a combination of flavors that are very fresh with an amazing fish," he said. "It comes over a sauce vierge, with a pan seared blackened swordfish topped with a herb salad. It's a very light dish for the Miami weather."

Villa Azur's further new menu items include:

  • Artichoke Salad ($21), with arugula, olive oil marinated artichokes, hearts of palm, mustard vinaigrette, parmesan frico, crispy quinoa, fennel, apple and smoked paprika.

  • Hearts of Palm Ceviche ($25), with coconut citrus ginger sauce, fresh hearts of palm, red onion, butternut squash, mint avocado smash and chili oil.

  • Yellowtail Crudo ($28), with sliced Japanese amberjack, tapenade dolce, roasted garlic aioli and citrus juice.

Villa Azur's new menu is now available. The restaurant is located at 309 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For hours and more information, visit

Written by ML Staff. Images courtesy of Villa Azur.


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