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TRX Founder Brings “Uber of Fitness” To South Florida

This past weekend in Plantation, Mayor Lynn Stoner joined Randy Hetrick, former Navy SEAL and founder of TRX Training, the creator of the “Black and Yellow” straps you’ve likely seen hanging in gyms and health clubs across the country, to launch “OutFit,” an innovative mobile fitness service that some early customers are describing as the “Uber of Fitness”. Hetrick created OutFit in response to the COVID-19 fallout as millions of Americans shut out of health clubs turned to home fitness programs and other resourceful training solutions to stay in shape.

Amidst its various waves of quarantine, the COVID pandemic sequestered millions of consumers to their homes, and onto emerging digital fitness solutions, leading to a renaissance period for brands like TRX, Peloton, Nordic Track, Mirror, Tonal, and others. Throughout 2020, while consumers learned to sustain their fitness-oriented lifestyles without traditional health clubs and gyms, their lives became more and more confined -- trapped within their own homes and stuck in a lifestyle dominated by Zoom meetings, virtual hangouts, Grubhub deliveries, and streaming TV.

On one hand, the pandemic drove home fitness to entirely new heights. On the other hand, it intensified our need as human beings for fresh air, natural elements, and the sensations of vitality and wellness that come from being outdoors. OutFit is the antidote to a life of virtual reality; it’s actual reality.

“Mobile devices and online delivery services have brought enormous conveniences to our lives, but they’ve also isolated us in many ways. The pandemic took that to an entirely different level,” said Hetrick. “Our goal for Outfit is to combine the power of a mobile, on-demand service, with the traditional benefits of group training and, best of all, getting people outside and together again!”

Hetrick, a career SEAL Officer who holds public service in high regard, understands the sacrifice of first responders all too well. Because of this, OutFit offers free, Open Memberships to active duty municipal first responders (police, fire, EMT) and their families as a way to say thank you to those folks who put their lives on the line every day. This charter was on full display over the weekend as Plantation Fire & Rescue attended the grand reveal and ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by an Open “HIIT” workout with Hetrick, Mayor Stoner and an excited group of local residents to usher in the launch of this innovative mobile fitness experience.

OutFit will deploy a fleet of customized vans loaded with TRX’s best-in-class equipment to deliver its expertly coached workouts to neighborhood cul de sacs, parks, and schools in cities throughout South Florida. OutFit leverages a unique, proprietary technology platform, including a mobile app that allows members to efficiently locate, schedule, and pay for services. The company’s pricing structure is yet another way it breaks from convention, leveraging a simple subscription model with three tiers of pricing: “Open,” “Team” and “Private”, with memberships starting at just $9.95 per month.

Each tier offers a different level of attention, personalization and convenience to meet the various preferences and priorities of its members. Customers can choose from large “Open” bootcamp style workouts, smaller “Team” group classes with friends & family, and “Private” one-on-one personal training sessions. Even OutFit’s “private sessions” defy convention, with 1:1 personal training clients always welcome to bring a “plus one” at no additional charge. And the company incentivizes the creation of small “private groups” of family, friends, and neighbors -- with dynamic pricing in its Private Tier that declines with each additional group member. For every workout, OutFit delivers an expert coach supported by innovative display and timing elements, including audio cues, visual lighting and color-coded work and rest intervals that can be customized to suit the widest range of fitness and ability levels.

OutFit is focusing on South Florida as its proving ground before expanding across the country in the coming months. If you’re interested in experiencing OutFit’s cutting-edge mobile fitness experience, whether on the beach, your favorite park or direct to your home, visit the Outfit website ( or download the Outfit app in the App Store or on Google Play.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of TRX


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