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Truluck's Has One Shell Of A Deal This Weekend

For one weekend only (July 14-17) Truluck's will offera limited-time entree of two Yucatan soft-shell crabs served deep fried on a bed of creamed spinach with grilled asparagus and onion salad finished with roasted pepper aioli for $44. An appetizer portion (one crab) will be available for $22.

If you've never eaten a soft-shell crab, let me offer a bit of context...

Like lobsters, as crabs start to grow past the size of their current hard shell, they shed that shell. This leaves them with a brand new, paper-thin soft shell, which then hardens over the course of a few days. During this time, the crab sucks in water to expand the new shell to its maximum size, leaving it space to grow another year (or more). This process is called molting, and it’s done multiple times over the course of a crab’s life. That window of time between the molting and the hardening of the shell is when a soft-shell crab fisherman is seeking their catch. Those who have had the pleasure of eating soft-shell crab know that it tastes just as wonderful as a hard-shell crab, without the tedious work of cracking open the thick shell and removing the meat.

By ML Staff Image Courtesy of Truluck's


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