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Truluck's Celebrates The Return Of Stone Crab Season

Florida Stone Crab season is upon us, and for Truluck’s it always brings an air of excitement like Christmas morning. Always fresh, never frozen. Truluck’s sustainably sourced Florida Stone Crab Claws are straight from the turquoise waters to your tables in under 24-hours. These claws have been the cornerstone of Truluck’s, and the reason is simple: they’re unmatched. There’s no dish as exquisite. They truly are the jewels of the sea. It’s almost time to experience this fresh, sweet, one-of-a-kind delicacy.

Seaside to tableside in less than 24 hours

Truluck’s is so committed to fresh Florida Stone Crab, that they work exclusively with their fisheries and dedicated crabbing professionals in South Florida. Each day, the boats go out into the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, set their traps, and capture the crab. They then pack them in ice and deliver them from Truluck's traps to your table in hours. Truluck's will NEVER serve frozen Florida Stone Crab claws. They are only served at the height of freshness during season. As responsible restaurateurs, Truluck's stands committed to being champions of sustainable seafood, and works hard to bring customers the best-tasting, sustainable ingredients that make sense for the plate, the palate and the planet.


  • Served chilled and pre-cracked with a specialty mustard. Your server will present today’s fresh catch availability.

  • Available in three size options: Medium (2-3 oz.) Large (3-5 oz.) Jumbo (5-8 oz.)

  • Market Price

Truluck's Director of Culinary, Brian Wubbena, explains, "The commitment to only serving fresh claws certainly has its challenges, but it’s the only way to showcase the magnificence of this dish. Stone Crabs are a sustainable source. The crabbers in Florida are incredibly protective of the species and only the claws are harvested, preserving the life of the crab. Stone Crabs have two killer claws, allowing them to both feed and protect themselves while the missing claw grows back. Due to the crabs being a wild and somewhat unpredictable animal, sometimes they can be scarce. Since we only work with select crabbers that are just as committed to quality and sustainable practices as we are, when their nets come up light, we may not have our elevated standard of Stone Crab ready to serve every night.”

In Miami, Truluck’s is located at 777 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, (305) 579-0035, Reservations are recommended and can be made by visiting the website or through OpenTable.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Truluck's


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