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True Luxury: When Unparalleled Quality Meets Impeccable Design

Amalia Home Collection is the product of a century’s worth of artistry. The Portuguese brand has been producing luxurious home textiles since 1922, building a global reputation as an industry leader over four generations and transforming the phrase “Portuguese-made” into a well-recognized synonym for quality craftsmanship and reliability.

All of the brand’s designs are inspired in some way by Portugal’s landscape, history, traditions, or culture. The spirit of the country is present in everything from patterns to stitching to color selections. Whether it’s a blanket woven to resemble Lisbon’s cobblestone streets or the rolling hills of the Portuguese interior, or a set of linens dyed the same sapphire blue as the waves that crash against the country’s dramatic coastline — Amalia Home Collection aims to bring a piece of Portugal to homes around the world. Here’s a look at some of the brand’s top collections.


As pretty as a flower, but long-lasting and crafted for comfort.

The stunning Dandelion collection was inspired by the simple beauty of its namesake flower — and it does a fine job of evoking memories of blissful summers and idyllic fields. The pieces in this collection are expertly woven from Egyptian Cotton™ jacquard — a versatile weave that works well in any season. Choose between patterns in crisp white, cool grey, and soft sage.


Elegance inspired by authenticity — a little slice of village life to elevate your bedroom.

Designed to evoke the simplicity of life in Portugal’s quaint, historic villages, Amalia Home Collection’s Vila pieces are as eye-catching as they are iconic. They feature a bold print reminiscent of the handwoven baskets local women carry around the village square while running errands.

The Vila collection embodies the brand’s promise of only using the highest-quality materials. Each piece is Egyptian Cotton™ jacquard worked by master craftsmen who know luxury textiles. The Vila set comes in earthy sage and Atlantic blue — two soothing, muted hues inspired by Portugal’s natural landscape.


Simplicity meets sophistication and unrivaled craftsmanship in this beloved embroidered collection.

There’s something almost regal about Amalia Home Collection’s new Elo pieces. The elegant design embroidered around the edges of each one brings to mind thoughts of the bold mosaic patterns on the floors of sun-kissed castellos and ancient Roman baths. It’s enchantingly lovely and striking in its simplicity. It’s also woven from Giza 94 Egyptian Cotton™ sateen, ensuring a heavenly feel and uninterrupted sleep.

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By ML Staff | Images courtesy of Amalia Home Collection


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