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Tough. Stylish. Ready for Everything. The Carryall 40L by Douchebags

The Carryall 40L duffel bag is quickly recognizable as part of the Douchebags family, and it retains the quality look and feel of its brothers and sisters from the Norwegian company. The requisite DB materials, stylings, and hardware are all on display in this do-it-all duffel.

The rectangular, boxy duffel forgoes the classic end-to-end shoulder strap, instead opting for two full-sized, fully padded backpack-style shoulder straps. This makes the Carryall very comfortable wearing on the back when not held at the side using the bag’s handles. The shoulder straps are essentially on the ‘top’ of the bag, and can be tucked in the bag where they are easy to overlook.

As a nifty little trick, the hand grips can also be stashed away, in a matter of sorts, by shortening the straps from the interior of the bag. The handles are still present on the outside of the bag, but they are snug to the rest of the bag, and don’t dangle all over the place. It’s a pretty stealthy treatment of all the exterior straps that can otherwise get in the way or get caught on things.

The bag itself is made of 600D polyester and 500D TPE materials, giving it a very thick, almost rubberized feel. These materials are strong and durable, ensuring the Carryall can withstand a lot of use in unforgiving conditions. If you’ve seen any other products from Douchebags, the materials and overall look fit right in.

There are three main compartments in the Carryall 40L. An end, or top compartment, depending on how it’s being carried, is great for quick access to your everyday carry items. Passports, phones, tickets, headphones, and sunglasses will all be right at home here. At the opposite end is a shoe compartment, especially useful if the Carryall is to be your go-to gym bag. The shoe compartment separates stinky shoes from the main compartment via a free-floating liner. As such, it can be ignored if you’d rather save the space for the main compartment.

The main compartment is accessed under a three-sided, fully zipped rectangular main opening, and features two mesh pockets on the sides of the otherwise wide open interior. It’s 40 liter capacity is plenty of space for a long weekend trip or a trip to the gym. When not loaded with your favorite gear, the Carryall maintains its wide shape fairly well. This certainly seems like more of a travel bag you want to show off, and less of a bag you’ll stash under your bed when not in use.

The thermal formed ballistic bottom will last forever, and it features the unique Douchebags coupling system, allowing easy integration into the rest of the product line. Versatile as ever, the Carryall 40L is a great choice as your first foray with Douchebags or to add to your growing collection.

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Story by Thomas Bender


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