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Tommy Mallet’s CTRNE: Unveils Spiritual Sneakers for the Modern Manifestor

Tommy Mallet, the visionary founder behind luxury footwear and clothing brand Mallet London, is set to redefine the footwear industry once again with the launch of CTRNE, an innovative spiritual sneaker brand scheduled to make its grand entrance in January 2024.

Comprising seven unisex styles, each pair is more than a fashion statement—it’s a wearable manifestation tool. At the heart of this innovation lies a citrine crystal embedded in the sole, known as the “success stone.” Beyond aesthetics, citrine is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and success, making every step not just stylish but also purposeful.

What sets CTRNE apart is its unwavering commitment to spiritual relevance. These sneakers are not just about comfort and aesthetics; they are designed to enhance mindfulness and well-being. The insoles are crafted for comfort during meditation. Aromatherapy inserts, positive energy-infused fabrics, and a unique toweling material interior cater to those transitioning seamlessly from yoga to daily life—no socks required.

The spiritual journey continues with designs that incorporate symbols, mantras, and affirmations from various spiritual traditions. CTRNE is a conduit for personal expression and growth, allowing wearers to carry their intentions with every step.

To add another layer to this sensory experience, each pair carries a special fragrance—a citrus blend that connects wearers to the earth with every stride. The olfactory element serves as a reminder that fashion can engage more than just the eyes; it can stimulate the senses and elevate the overall experience of self-expression.

Beyond style and spirituality, CTRNE is pioneering a new standard for ethical fashion. With a commitment to eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, CTRNE ensures that consumers can make a sustainable and stylish choice.

What more fitting way to embark on the new year than with a sneaker that not only exudes style but also elevates your spiritual exploration? We’re fully embracing this transformative fusion of fashion and mindfulness as we step into 2024! As anticipation builds for the January 2024 launch, eager fashion enthusiasts can secure a coveted pair by joining the waiting list on

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of CTRNE


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