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Tommy Mallet The Entrepreneur & Creative Director Talks to Miami Living

Miami Living sat down with Tommy Mallet, the Founder and Creative Director of the London based sneaker brand Mallet London to reflect on last year and hear what’s coming up in 2023.

ML: Starting off looking back on 2022, how was the year for you?

TM: 2022 was a great year, we had our best year ever at Mallet London, we launched our first shoe with sustainable aspects, and launched the brand in several more stores across the world. We are now in 12 Saks Fifth Avenue stores across the US including Miami, Bal Harbour and Boca Raton.

ML: You are kicking off 2023 with a new shoe launch, tell us about it.

TM: Yes, we have just launched The Lowman, it’s a brand new silhouette for us that defines casual culture but has a smart pulled together look. It is inspired by the UK football scene and loaded with Mallet DNA. It is launching in four classic colourways; Midnight, White, Navy and Charcoal. There is always newness at Mallet. We pretty much launch a new shoe every month!

ML: What are your thoughts on sustainability and recycled materials for shoes?

TM: As a brand, we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable. Last year we launched our first sneaker with sustainable aspects ‘The GRFTR’. Customers these days are particularly engaged with brands with purpose, ones that lead with authenticity and are transparent with their processes. The bigger picture is for us to move towards a more environmentally friendly business module, something we are always working on.

ML: What is currently inspiring you?

TM: My childhood. Growing up in London has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. I give each style a name that is really personal to me, certain streets in London where I used to live, my mum’s name. I love visiting the estate where I grew up taking in the architecture, looking at what people are wearing, and reminding me where I started.

ML: If you have spent time in Miami, what do you like to do, etc?

TM: I plan on coming to Miami later this year, it’s been a while! Of course, the restaurants are amazing - I would like to visit during Art Basel this year. I love walking around taking in the people of Miami.

ML: For someone visiting, what are some must-do’s in London - shopping, dining, sightseeing etc?

TM: Definitely visit Carnaby Street - the most famous shopping street in the UK, there are amazing shops, great places to eat and of course our Mallet London flagship store, it’s quintessentially British. Definitely visit Selfridges department store and have lunch at their rooftop restaurant and take a walk in one of our parks like Green Park.

ML: I’d love to hear more about what we can expect in 2023.

TM: I’m really excited about this year. We have some brand new style drops that are totally different to anything we have done before such as lots of colour and some amazing collaborations! Stay tuned!

Mallet London is available at Saks Fifth Avenue and online at Follow Mallet London at

By ML. Images courtesy of Mallet London


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