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TikTok Sensation Kaeli Mae Chats with Miami Living Magazine

Meet Kaeli Mae, the vibrant TikTok sensation whose 'clean girl' aesthetic has taken social media by storm. With a massive following drawn to her minimalist style and ingenious organization tips, Kaeli's rise to fame in 2021 was nothing short of meteoric. Now boasting over 14 million followers, she's partnered with major brands and continues to inspire with her refreshing content. In an exclusive chat with Miami Living Magazine, Kaeli opens up about her journey and how she's also using her platform to shed light on her recent Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. Join us as we explore the world of Kaeli Mae, where aesthetics meet authenticity.

Miami Living (ML): Your TikTok videos are known for their simplistic and ultra-organized aesthetic. How did you develop this unique style, and what inspired you to start creating content on TikTok? 

Kaeli Mae: Back during Covid quarantine is when I was really motivated and inspired to start creating my own TikTok videos. I was seeing a lot of fridge organization and restocks online and that's what kickstarted me making my own version! I’ve always been a pretty organized person, but ever since creating content with my home, restocks, and cleaning, I’ve gotten a lot more passionate about maintaining a clean & organized space!  

ML: You gained massive popularity for your viral mini fridge restock videos in 2021. Could you share the story behind the success of these videos and how they contributed to your rapid rise on TikTok? 

Kaeli: Stocking up my mini fridge in my bedroom at my parents’ house was one of my very first crazy viral videos! People really enjoyed it, and a lot of people would comment how it was super satisfying to watch and also motivated them to get their fridge organized as well! After that video went viral, I primarily focused my content on restocks & organizing because of its huge popularity. The fridge restocks always did the best; besides all of the ASMR-aspects of those videos, I think my audience really loved how I had a container for everything, and it all just fit perfectly!  


ML: You've partnered with several major brands like Amazon, Calvin Klein, and L'Oreal. What has been the most exciting collaboration for you, and how do you choose brands that align with your content and values? 

Kaeli: I’ve been extremely blessed to have partnered with so many amazing brands! Amazon will always be my favorite as they offer an amazing program for influencers to create their own storefront and customize it to their own style & what they are passionate about sharing with their audience! When I go about choosing brands or partnerships that align with my values, I always ask myself the same question: do I actually like/use this product & their company? I will never work with a brand or company whose values I don’t align with, or a product I don’t genuinely enjoy. This has built a lot of trust between me and my audience! 

ML: One of the most compelling aspects of your story is your recent diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. How has this impacted your life and your content creation, and what inspired you to open up about your journey? 

Kaeli: I’ve been diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 4 years old– so it's almost been 20 years now! I hadn't shared too much about it in the past, but once I began sharing more personal content like my vlogs or day-in-the-life videos, it naturally came up a lot more and I noticed a lot of my audience had no idea! I started doing occasional diabetes supplies restock videos, and people found that interesting as well! Sharing more about my personal life & my life with diabetes is a current goal of mine.


ML: As a T1-D advocate, you aim to showcase living life normally in spite of the autoimmune disorder. What message do you hope to convey to others who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and how do you plan to use your platform to encourage and support them? 

Kaeli: The message I hope to convey is that diabetes doesn’t control your life and determine what you can or can’t do. I think some of the absolute best messages I’ve ever received are those from either type 1 diabetics themselves or their moms who reach out and say my video showing my supplies or what-not has truly inspired them and made them feel less alone and insecure about this disease. It’s those types of messages that motivate me to keep sharing this type of content and spreading awareness when I can! 

ML: Seattle is your home base, and you've garnered immense success as an influencer. How has your location influenced your content and your personal brand? 

Kaeli: Being that most of my content is all shot in my home, living in Seattle vs San Diego hasn’t made much a difference on influencing my content!  


ML: What's next for Kaeli Mae in terms of content creation, advocacy, and personal goals? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon that your followers can look forward to? 

Kaeli: My current goals are to remain sharing my content with my audience but trying to add more of myself and personality to my videos. I want my audience to feel better connected and like they know me more personally and can relate! There is an exciting project we are currently working on that I know my audience will love, I can’t wait to share more details!  

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Olivia Pongsrida


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