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Thurby Day at Churchill Downs: A Celebration of Kentucky's Heritage with Bourbon, Bluegrass, and Racing

Thurby Day at Churchill Downs unfolded as a vibrant tribute to the essence of Kentucky, encapsulating the beloved trio of bourbon, Bluegrass music, and world-class thoroughbred racing. This splendid day brought together enthusiasts from near and far, eager to partake in the quintessential Kentucky experience.

Presented by Old Forester

Racing Highlights

The day was marked by exhilarating live racing, featuring 12 stakes races. The Opening Verse was masterfully won by Carl Spackler, while the Kentucky Juvenile saw a thrilling finish from West Memorial. The St. Matthews Overnight Stakes culminated in a victorious run by O Besos, each race adding to the day's competitive spirit.

Live Entertainment at Woodford Reserve Paddock Plaza Stage

The soul of Bluegrass filled the air around the Woodford Reserve Paddock Plaza Stage. The live performances delivered an unforgettable musical journey, setting the perfect backdrop for the racing action and festive atmosphere. The lineup of talent, soon to be announced, promised to connect everyone more deeply with Kentucky's rich cultural tapestry.

Old Forester Activations

Guests indulged in the deep-rooted heritage of Old Forester through exclusive activations that were both enlightening and enjoyable. These experiences offered a taste of Kentucky's famed bourbon tradition, enhancing the celebratory mood of Thurby.

Big Board Celebrations

The Big Board was a central hub of excitement, featuring interviews, video segments, and interactive trivia that celebrated all things Kentucky. This integration not only entertained but also educated attendees on the state's storied traditions and the many facets of its unique culture.

Thurby Day at Churchill Downs was a resounding success, weaving together the threads of excitement, culture, and community spirit that make Kentucky truly special. We look forward to continuing this wonderful tradition and inviting all to experience the heart of Kentucky culture at next year’s Thurby.

By ML Staff. Content/Image courtesy of Kentucky Derby


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