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Three Forks for LIDO Restaurant at the Surf Club, The Highest Honour by Italian Authority Gambero Rosso

The world’s top Italian restaurants outside of Italy, as awarded by Italy’s leading food and wine rating group Gambero Rosso, are in and Lido Restaurant at The Surf Club has been given its highest rating of three forks. This recognition follows Marco Calenzo, Executive Chef of Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, being named as Chef of the Year by this same renowned Italian establishment.

The compass of this prestigious award? Italian flavour. This, along with the utmost of culinary expertise in authenticity, exceptional service, and an expertly curated wine list. In its review of the Lido experience, Gambero Rosso shares:

“Even a simple saffron risotto or steamed sea bass impresses with the precision of recipes and the assertiveness of flavours, while the langoustine carpaccio with two types of caviar is not just visually appealing but also a dish of intricate and complex flavours. During our visit, even classic spaghetto pomodoro reached unparalleled heights in fragrance and definition of aromas, a true ode to Italian cuisine. Among its signature, don’t miss the original Ricciola (amberjack) cacio e pepe.”

Behind Lido’s ability to evoke the leisurely lifestyle of an Italian summer is Florentine Chef Marco Calenzo, who first arrived at Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club nearly one year ago and has since become an emblem of Italian taste in the Miami Beaches. His distinctive style transmits a fresh perspective on classic Mediterranean dishes with a predominant focus on Italian cuisine with Japanese influence. Nestled beyond Lido’s dining room is an exemplary representation of just that – the new Crudo Bar. Enjoy a welcoming glass of champagne and settle into a seat at the bar as the inspired menu unfolds, with six and seven course omakase journeys that go from land to sea and showcase the true art of food. There is simply no parallel to the elegance and flavour of Lido.

Gambero Rosso, since its founding in 1986, continues to be a global authority on the most up to date, impartial and expert insights into saper vivere, the Italian way of life, publishing respected guides for best wines, top Italian restaurants, top Italian chefs and more.

Lido Restaurant at The Surf Club is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. Reservations can be made via Open Table.

ML Staff. Text and images courtesy of Four Season Hotel


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