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The Ultimate Trio for Fitness: Letsfit T22, T12, & ID 205L

Letsfit is a company with a clear vision of bringing fitness products to the masses. From resistance bands to fitness trackers and headphones, Letsfit offers a focused line of products for your personal wellness, all at exceedingly affordable prices. Whether you’re strapped for cash or just not interested in bringing your most expensive personal gadgets to the sweaty gym, Letsfit can provide new technology at old school prices.

Letsfit has a full range of sports headphones, including both tethered and truly wireless options. The T22 caught my eye based on all the technology and battery life they have packed into this $40 package. This pair of earbuds feature an insane 80 hours of playback time, thanks to its 2,600 mAh battery!

I don’t care what kind of workouts, marathons, or iron mans you are running, these things have what it takes to go the distance. The case of the T22 also features a full-size USB-A port, allowing you to tap that massive battery to charge your other gadgets as well. Sharing is caring. Also, surprisingly, the T22 supports both wired and wireless charging, so on the rare occasions where you do need to charge up the case, it’s extra convenient. Did I mention it has a digital readout for your battery? No LED indicators here, just a straight-up percentage read-out.

The T22 also comes with an IPX6 waterproof rating. You won’t take them swimming, but it’s better than the standard IPX4 rating that comes with many other wireless earbuds. 6.2mm dynamic drivers pump out the audio, while an on-board microphone and multi-function buttons on each earbud let you answer your calls.

If you prefer that all-white, stick look for your wireless earbuds, consider jumping to the T12. These are also wallet-friendly at $49.99, and battery-friendly, with up to 30 hours of playback from their smaller case (compared to the T22).

The T12’s share a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with the T22’s for a reliable connection. And instead of the touch controls you might see on some similarly designed competitors, the T12 use small buttons on each bud to keep your costs low. If you love your AirPods, but don’t want to risk them at the gym, or you unfathomably lost one, the T12’s are a great replacement pair at a fraction of the price.

In addition to headphones, Letsfit also has a dozen different fitness trackers at equally affordable price points. Consider the ID205L. I wouldn’t call it a smartwatch, because it isn’t, but it certainly starts to blur that line a little. It has a bunch of features, including call and SNS notifications to keep your phone in your pocket or purse, but it only costs $39.99.

Like the T22’s above, I was very impressed with the Letsfit fitness tracker’s battery life. At 10 days between charges, it makes it a lot easier to consistently use and keep on your wrist. And when you do need to recharge, the proprietary cord has a super-strong magnetic connection that takes the guesswork out of adding some juice.

Between the extended battery and the super lightweight build, this is the first smartwatch that I’ve been able to keep on overnight. The device tracks your sleep, as well as your daily activity, and even your heart rate, so having technology that enables consistent use is key.

As mentioned, it will display notifications from your phone and do a few other tricks, like control your music and offer you breathing exercises, though in general, I found these to be a little more difficult to engage with than just taking out my phone.

Key to the Letsfit fitness tracking experience is the App. This is probably the area that could use the most improvement, which isn’t so bad, since it can be fixed and upgraded without your continued investment in new hardware. It gets all the basics right, displaying deep and light sleep times, your average heart rate, and your step count, but it makes it difficult to look at the data over time and pick out trends or exceptions.

With accessible fitness products at accessible prices, Letsfit certainly has a market to make everyone’s workouts that much more enjoyable.

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By Thomas Bender


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