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The Smart Device Your Skin Needs: ICI by Clartici

I’ve gone my life without really understanding my skin. It seems like I just know when it’s dry, but there is so much more my skin is trying to tell me, that I’m just failing to understand. That’s where ICI comes in. Made by Clartici, this innovative device fits right in the palm of my hand and will tell me everything I need to know about my skin and how to keep it looking young.

At first, I was skeptical. Coupled with the Clartici App, ICI provides a daily skincare routine that will improve the overall health of any neglected skin. This set also comes with the Sanguine moisturizer and Reiki serum—which after the diagnosis ICI will report exactly how much to use on a daily basis. The results are unique to your skin, because everyone is different—from the type of skin and condition, to the environment each is in—therefore, the treatment will vary from person to person. ICI will take into consideration and measure the levels of oils, dryness, and sensitivity before giving an analysis of the skin. The analysis is just the first step before getting the recommended skincare routine for your face.

Pair the Clartici App with the device via Bluetooth, the device is just as impressive as the app. While the device does all the work, it’s the app that interprets that data and presents it in an easy, digestible way. Once the app is downloaded there is a brief questionnaire which will help the Clartici algorithm interpret the data as accurately as possible. This will all be part of your skin’s profile.

Now that the app is installed and ready to go, select the specific facial area that will be scanned first. You will need to scan you right and left cheek, as well as your forehead. This is very quick and painless. Afterwards, the results will load on the screen, and you’ll be able to spend as much time as you need with them. It’s easy to access the results again, as well as get more information about what the diagnosis means. When you are ready, click on the watering can icon to see the daily essential instructions. This is where the magic happens.

Clartici will provide each user with a formula that is unique to their particular skin type. It will tell users how many drops of moisturizer and serum they need on a daily basis. This will all be based on the user’s unique skin profile. It’s the personalized treatment you’ve been looking for. Your skin disserves to be heard, let ICI give it the voice it has been waiting for.

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Story by Claudia Paredes


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