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The Shows Ends With Maaji, Love For Upcycling, Who's Next, Alvin Valley & More

The largest swim festival in the world, Miami Swim Week® - The Shows, ended with a bang on Day 5, declaring a bright and neon color palette as this season’s hottest trend!

In celebration of the brand's 20th Anniversary, Maaji welcomed Miami Swim Week® - The Shows goers to “The House of Jaguar'' – its Summer 2024 Collection inspired by the mystical territory of the Jaguar.

Bringing a taste of the wild to the runway, Maaji showcased a men’s and women’s tropical themed collection during Miami Swim Week® - The Shows boasting bright and fun colored beachwear in both solid hues, and a selection of different prints including jaguar, floral, and ombre, among others. High-cut pieces were the star of the show, featured in two-piece and one-piece styles. Owning the finale procession of models, a lifesize jaguar puppet designed in collection prints made its way down the runway – cementing The House of Jaguar as one of the week’s hottest moments!

6:30 PM- Maaji Show (Photo by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for Miami Swim Week - The Shows)

By ML Staff.


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