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The Radinn Jetboard: Water Sports’ Newest Luxury Toy

As the world’s leading electric jetboard company, Radinn embodies the next-generation of water sports: a completely modular jetboard that lets you soar across the water at incredible speeds. Their boards are the perfect accessory for every kind of cruiser and hobbyist, from Tri-decks yachting the waters of the Caribbean to thrill-seekers in search of their next beachfront adventure.

Radinn’s easy-to-use design and cutting-edge technology mean more fun on the water for the entire family. Whereas most personal watercrafts (PWCs) have their electronics integrated into the vehicle itself, the Radinn is a modular system— the advanced mechanics are concentrated exclusively within the battery and jet pack, which detach from the board. All Radinn models fit the same hardware, so customers can own multiple boards without needing to invest in an additional battery and jetpack every time they want to level up.

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Radinn is currently the only electric jetboard on the market employing an advanced IoT platform and cloud-based technology. The board pairs with an app on customers’ phones via bluetooth and offers a variety of remote connectivity features.

  • Continuous maintenance - Just as phones receive software updates periodically to address patches and introduce new features, so does the Radinn. This ensures that customers always have an up-to-date product with the latest software upgrades.

  • Performance upgrades - As customers’ comfort with the board progresses, they’re able to upgrade their riding level and battery range via the mobile app. Jetpacks operate on two levels of acceleration and top speed, whereas the battery operates on three levels of power range.

  • GPS capabilities - The board contains GPS sensors that allow riders to track their rides in the app and log where they rode and what their speed was at any given point.

  • Data retrieval - Data from the jetboards stored in the cloud allows the Radinn technical support team to perform remote diagnostics on the health of the board.

Their latest line of jetboards, Generation III, comes in three different models: The Explore, The Freeride, and The Carve.

The Explore is our most durable and stable board. It’s perfect for beginners, designed for reliability, and built to last. This model is produced with a protective rubber trim to prevent wear and tear, and is best used for moderate cruising on flat, open bodies of water.

The Freeride is our ultimate, all-purpose product. It holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, and is easy to get started on but also responsive enough for more playful riding, sharper turns, and quick rail-to-rail transitions. This model has an innovative hull adapted to slice through waves and choppy waters, as well as features that direct the spray of water down when you are turning, resulting in gained thrust.

The Carve takes a bit longer to master for those unfamiliar with board sports, but offers a unique turning style and trick capabilities. It’s designed to carve through water and responds readily when riders initiate a turn. Like The Freeride, The Carve cuts easily through chop but is even more agile, which allows riders to get creative with wave-riding, jumps, tricks, and more.

Radinn jetboards are 100% electric, virtually silent, and better for the environment than most PWCs on the market. No more disturbing local wildlife—or your beachfront neighbors. With Radinn, the only noise you’ll leave behind is the relaxing sound of waves.


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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Radinn


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