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The Miami International Piano Festival Academy in Miami Beach: January 2 – 8, 2023

Thanks to the Funding partnership of the City of Miami Beach and in partnership with the CADET HOTEL the Miami International Piano Festival’s internationally acclaimed Piano Academy inaugurates its annual winter residence in Miami Beach, January 2-8, 2023. The Academy is bringing a group of up to 24 students from across the globe to reside and study with some of the world’s greatest classical keyboard masters. Nightly concerts all free of charge will allow residents and visitors to Miami Beach to experience the spectacular talent amassed for the week. All concerts will be captured, and a documentary film will document this important event. All events and the film will be available widely online.

Most recently, June 24 through July 6, 2022, the Miami International Piano Festival Academy (MIPFA) hosted a triumphant first of its kind residency in the historic Briosco region in Milan. Villa Medici afforded participants the unparalleled opportunity to experience the unique collection of original ancient fortepianos and pianos (including square pianos), dating from 1760 and located at the villa.

Profoundly inspired by the enchanting Italian experience, Dr. Vilma Biaggi, a board member and devoted advocate of our programs, decided to bring the magic of the Villa Medici summer academy to our community in Southern Florida. Bringing this unique program to the intimate and quaint Cadet Hotel in Miami Beach, at the height of tourist season, and just a block away from the Miami Beach Convention Center and Botanical Gardens, will add an unparalleled experience to students as they navigate the exciting world of collaborative creativity.

Cadet Hotel

Students and faculty will stay at the luxurious Cadet Hotel in Miami Beach, located one block from the beach. It is also the center where most activities will take place, including masterclasses and lectures. Practicing will be possible in a limited number of practice rooms. All meals will also be served at the Cadet, prepared by the excellent hotel staff.

Lectures and Recitals

Every night one of our distinguished faculty will give a performance at the beautiful Botanical Garden — a ten-minute walk from the hotel. The concert series will culminate with Julien Libeer at the Aventura Arts Center — MIPFA will provide free transportation. One of the recitals will be devoted to a selected number of students. In addition, members of our faculty will offer several lecture/presentations on topics relevant to piano performance. All musical activities will be free to students and residents.

Botanical Gardens, Miami Beach


All Performances are at 6:30 PM


January 3

Francesco Libetta (Italy)

"Fury, demonically charged and technically staggering.” Harold Schonberg

January 4

Reed Tetzloff (USA)

“A musician of great authority.” Richard Goode

January 5

Kemal Gekic (Croatia)

“Gekic rides the charismatic edge of genius” R. Dyer, Boston Globe

January 6

(Shared Recital)

Jacob Mason (USA)

“Mason’s rock-solid technique and attention to detail are aptly demonstrated when he performs.”

South Florida Classical Review

Luis Urbina (USA)

“Urbina is an extraordinary pianist and masterful collaborator” Walter Ponce


Exceptionally talented pianists devote their entire youth to the development of their skills, abiding by rigid and demanding schedules; focused on achieving a successful career in music. During this arduous process, they find themselves lost without the support and understanding of a benefactor. That is where the mission and purpose of Patrons of Exceptional Artists comes in, an organization that for the last 25 years has exposed the talent of countless deserving pianists to the attention of the public, conductors, and agents. Many of our artists are now in the international circuit represented by top management.

In order to further its mission, in 1998, Patrons of Exceptional Artists branched out to create the Miami International Piano Festival, (MIPF), which resulted in highly popular and inspiring summer academies held at Nova Southern University in Florida. This summer, however, MIPF offered students exposure to a most accomplished international faculty in the beautiful region of Briosco, Italy, at Villa Medici Giulini, a historical building that houses an astonishing collection of keyboard instruments. We also expanded our outreach through an online state-of-the-art virtual platform that continues to evolve, creating an archive and visual library of these activities. The goal is to provide global exposure to our artists while allowing music lovers around the world the opportunity to enjoy our concerts, lectures, and masterclasses.

Giselle Brodsky, founder, and artistic director of Patrons of Exceptional Artists, spends hundreds of hours listening to innumerable performances of hopeful entries to select the artists that will inspire our audience and students with their passion and commitment to the expression of music. The Miami International Piano Festival concerts are interactive experiences that engage our audiences and enhance their appreciation of music in its infinite prism of ideas and emotions.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of The Miami International Piano Festival Academy


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