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The Magic of Turkey: Olympos Luxury Travel Guide

The Turkish Riviera, also known as Turquoise Coast, is located on the southern coast of Turkey. The picturesque mountainous landscape, warm weather and more than 600 miles of coastline make the Turkish Riviera a popular tourist destination. The beaches along the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea are considered the best in Turkey. It is also home to a trove of ancient sites, including two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Ephesus and Halicarnassus.

On this trip we explore Olympos, a town known for its natural beauty, tranquility and fascinating ancient history. Olympos was a city in ancient Lycia, a maritime trading town. Roman and Byzantine archeological sites can still be seen there today, including Temple Gate, Olympos Theater, Necropolis Church, Acropolis Hill and others.

Words by Markin Abras (part 3 of 3)

Fly to the turquoise coast in just under 2 hours from Istanbul, rent a car and explore numerous coastal towns. Antalya, Olympos, Fethiyer, Kaş and Bodrum are must-see coastal towns with great beaches, history and an abundance of restaurants, shops and nightlife.

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Stay in Luxury

Olympos Lodge

Ulupınar, Çıralı Yolu No. 9, 07980

Kemer, Antalya, Turkey

+90 (242) 825-7171


A tropical oasis situated alongside a river that flows into a spectacular turquoise ocean lies the unassuming Olympos Lodge. This family-run luxury hotel has bungalows nestled in lush vegetation, gardens and even a pond. Here peacocks, ducks, chickens and exotic birds cavort. The hotel’s privileged location gives you direct access to three miles of Çıralı Beach, considered one of the most prized beaches in Turkey. Beachfront restaurants and shops are within walking distance.


There are 14 rooms on the nearly 3.5 acres of lush grounds. They are elegantly designed, with wooden floors and white walls, and feature a veranda and lounge chairs. The cozy rooms are equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The property has a large hot tub and spa, as well as a glass-roofed conservatory. Bicycles are available free of charge and are ideal for exploring the nearby village. There are also hammocks in the gardens for daytime relaxation.


Of note is Mountain Lodge’s impressive breakfast. Beautifully presented at a round table in the center of a charming gazebo, enjoy a variety of daily prepared pastries, breads, pastries, cheeses, olives, jams, salads, cereals, coffee, freshly squeezed juices and eggs prepared to order. Breakfast is served daily from 9:00 am to 12 noon. Lunch and dinner are served al fresco right on the beach. Enjoy fresh, perfectly prepared fish and local specialties. A knowledgeable and friendly staff is always available.


The Carali region is home to more than 50 historic Lycian ruins dating back 3,500 years that you can explore, including ancient baths, a temple, a Roman theatre and a necropolis. There are also a variety of walks, hikes and day trips. Worth a visit is the Summit of Olympos Mountain with an altitude of 8,343 ft (2,543 m). The 5-minute ski lift ride offers remarkable views of the entire region.

Image by Jeison Higuita. All other images provided by each featured hotel.


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