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The Lincoln Eatery Opens SIMPLYGOODPIZZA

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Lincoln Eatery, Miami Beach's first modern food hall, announces the opening of SIMLYGOODPIZZA, a new pizza concept focused on creating a sense of community in Miami Beach by sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers and purveyors while giving back to those in need. Helmed by Max Pierre and Richard Fuentes, hospitality veterans who have worked within Miami’s Food and Beverage industry extensively, SIMPLYGOODPIZZA’s overall goal is to positively impact social and environmental issues within the community through the businesses by simply “Doing The Right Thing.”

As minorities, Pierre and Fuentes created SIMPLYGOODPIZZA with the intention of starting a social conversation about advocacy in business, while also serving a diverse array of flavorful pies. SIMPLYGOODPIZZA’s values are cemented in the importance of community and giving back.

“As black and brown business owners, we recognize the social and environmental issues that negatively impact our community. We also understand the injustices and inequalities our community faces daily,” explained Max Pierre, co-owner of SIMPLYGOODPIZZA. “SIMPLYGOODPIZZA was created as a platform for good in the hopes of making a difference. A reminder to both Miami locals and visitors, that we have the power to bring about the changes we want to see in our communities. The harsh reality of George Floyde as well as COVID 19 forced us to this realization that we had to do something. We genuinely hope that this program inspires others to do the right thing even if its one pie at a time.”

Owners Max Pierre and Richard Fuentes have worked in the hospitality industry in Miami for years. When Max Pierre founded SIMPLYGOODMIAMI in Little River 2018, his vision was to create a welcoming and collaborative venue that fostered talent and cultivated ideas as well as creative vision. He was able to capture the vibrant spirit and passionate creativity of the cultural community which ultimately helped him offer a progressive and forward thinking experiences. He later met Richard Fuentes who served as executive chef at the Nautilus by Arlo, who shared the same values, goals and vision. With a career culinary giant in the fold they decided to expand on the SIMPLYGOOD concept by launching a pop up at The Lincoln Eatery food hall.

“It’s at the cornerstone of our culture to bring a little joy to local communities in need,” said co-owner and chef Richard Fuentes. “Simple and good are the values we live by, and we honor that by serving a menu of well-balanced pies that are delicious, with a fantastic mixture of punchy sauce, gooey cheese, flavorful meats and produce from local farmers.”

The menu includes a selection of flavorful pies, offering a traditional approach to pizza, in addition to unique flavors that pay homage to Miami. Highlights include the Breakfast Pizza ($15), a flavorful pie topped with mozzarella, gruyere, smoked bacon, green onions and a sunny-side up egg. Other notable pies include the Mushroom & Truffle ($15), served with mozzarella, Gruyere, Parmesan, cremini mushrooms and truffle oil, and the Garden ($15), vegetable-forward with arugula, blistered cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and a flavorful balsamic reduction. For dessert, sample the Guava & Cheese Pizza ($8), a combination of guava shells, whipped cream cheese and pistachios.

Lightly inspired by the Spike Lee film, “Do the Right Thing,” the concept encourages those who dine there to pay it forward. With a purchase of any item on our menu you are afforded the opportunity to purchase a $10 Pay It Forward Pie Special which will ultimately be donated to local nonprofit, local organization or someone on the ground doing the work in communities in need. In addition, SIMPLYGOODPIZZA plans to work with local organizations to coordinate pizza parties for families in need.

SIMPLYGOODPIZZA is open daily from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m., and located within the Lincoln Eatery Food Hall. Stay up-to-date on SIMPLYGOODPIZZA by following @SimplyGoodPizza and @LincolnEatery on Instagram. For more information visit - Images by SIMPLYGOODPIZZA

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of SIMPLYGOODPIZZA


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