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The Lincoln Eatery Offers the Ultimate Modern Asian Street Food Experience with the New Ai Tallarin

The Lincoln Eatery, Miami’s #1 Food Hall, as recently listed by the Miami New Times, announces the grand opening of Ai Tallarin on Oct. 22. Ai Tallarin specializes in Asian street food with a Peruvian twist, serving a flavorful menu of tapas, hibachi, saké and freshly-made noodles. The concept was inspired by chef Carlos Zheng’s love for Chinese tradition, experience with Peruvian cuisine and passion for Miami culture. Known for its trademark pasta machine, which creates a bowl of noodles in seconds, the street food experience will combine flavorful ingredients with picture-perfect meal presentation, ideal for Instagram and Tik-Tok enthusiasts.

Chef Zheng’s menu was inspired by his modern Asian culinary background as he grew up cooking countless regional dishes from all around Asia. As an adult he traveled to Peru where he mastered traditional Peruvian techniques. During his time there he fell in love with the flavors of Peruvian cuisine and began to fuse those ingredients into his cherished Asian recipes. Later he studied under the great master sushi chef Noboru Sanada before moving to Miami where he joined the team at Sushi Samba in Coral Gables, among other popular eateries in South Florida. Ai Tallarin is his latest passion project.

“Ai means love in Chinese and Tallarin is the word for pasta in Spanish,” explained Zheng. “By combining the simple and delicious flavors from both Peru and Asia, we’re able to offer The Lincoln Eatery guests a new and exciting street food experience in Miami Beach, serving a menu of delicious dumplings, gyozas and freshly-made noodles daily.”

The culinary outpost will operate daily at the Lincoln Eatery, serving lunch and dinner within the decorated stall within the food hall, which houses over 14 global food concepts. Menu highlights include Noodle Bowls (SS), which are made with a futuristic pasta-making machine, which creates a fresh portion of flavorful strands in 18-20 seconds. The noodles are pan fried and served with a variety of toppings, including stir-fried beef short ribs and baby bok choy. Other noodle varieties include the Pork Belly Noodle Soup ($19), Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup ($16), rib Eye Steak Stir-Fry Noodles ($19) and a selection of fried rice with additional toppings and proteins ($14-19).

Dim Sum is a menu highlight and Ai Tallain’s dumplings do not disappoint. The menu provides a selection of Crispy Chicken Dumplings ($8), which are fried golden and served with sweet chili, Thai basil and Cilantro. Other notable Dim Sum offerings include the Pan Fried Korean BBQ Pork Dumplings ($9), which includes Gochujang aioli and Oshinko. Other notables include Steamed Shrimp, mushroom and crispy fried Shumai ($9). For dessert, guests can satisfy their sweet tooth with a sampling Mochi Ice Cream ($6)

Ai Tallarin will be open Sunday to Thursday 12pm-8pm, Friday-Saturday 12 pm-10 pm and located within the Lincoln Eatery Food Hall. Stay up to date on Ai Tallarin by following @AiTallarin and @LincolnEatery on Instagram. For more information visit

By ML staff. Photos by The Lincoln Eatery.


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