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The Jills Zeder Group: Fatherhood When Real Estate Runs in the Family!

Family-run businesses play a key role in the economy. While they are common in many different industries, family businesses are especially advantageous in residential real estate. After all, this is an industry based on nurturing and maintaining personal relationships, and when it comes to working with family, the elements of trust and working toward long-term goals are critical to solidifying a business foundation.

Danny Hertzberg with his wife and daughters

No one knows this better than The Jills Zeder Group. Together, the group of eight is more powerful and cohesive than any other real estate team in the nation. Comprised of three families and two generations, all of whom are major players in the luxury residential real estate business, The Jills Zeder Group is currently the No. 1 large team in the entire United States, as announced in the 2023 RealTrends’ “The Thousand” list published in the Wall Street Journal. RealTrends ranked The Jills Zeder Group No. 1 on the list, based on achieving over $1.6 billion in closed sales volume in 2022.

Holidays like Father’s Day have a special meaning for family-run businesses. For entrepreneurial dads, the journey encompasses more than just managing a demanding business; it involves nurturing its growth alongside their responsibilities towards their families. Amidst this delicate balance, they strive to impart vital life lessons to their children, including the values of hard work, determination, consistency and teamwork. It's a testament to their unwavering dedication in both their professional personal roles, shaping a legacy that extends beyond business success.

Nathan Zeder with his two-month-old baby daughter

Sales agents and The Jills Zeder Group founding partners Danny Hertzberg and Nathan Zeder are two examples of great entrepreneurial dads. Despite their busy schedules and high work demands, they always make sure to invest valuable time with their kids and build stronger relationships with them along the way. They understand the importance of balancing personal time and being there for those special moments despite a career that requires them to be available 24/7 and constantly juggle client demands. They are dedicated dads who make their kids a priority and try to maximize time with them as much as possible.

The secret to being successful entrepreneurial dads was learned from Hertzberg’s and Zeder’s moms. Jill Hertzberg and Judy Zeder, who are also founding members of The Jills Zeder Group, have been working in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Their grown children joined the business upon graduation, making real estate a family affair for these families.

Hertzberg, who resides in Miami Beach and has two small daughters, and Zeder, who resides in Coral Gables and has four children, including a two-month baby girl, specialize in marketing and selling high-end, multimillion-dollar luxury properties in South Florida’s most elite enclaves, representing celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and a diverse international clientele.

Born and raised in Miami, both Hertzberg and Zeder are frequently featured in national and local media outlets, discussing relevant real estate trends and offering their expertise on key issues. They are also very involved in the community and participate in a variety of speaking engagements, seminars and conferences nationwide.

Nathan Zeder with his children at Disney

The Jills Zeder Group has consistently dominated the luxury market since its inception in 2019 when The Zeder Team joined forces with The Jills®. In February 2023, the team was again ranked as Coldwell Banker Realty’s No. 1 top-performing team nationally and achieved the designation, “Society of Excellence,” which is reserved for only the top 1 percent of Coldwell Banker agents in the nation. The Jills Zeder Group achieved a closed sales volume of over $1.6 billion in 2022.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of The Jills Zeder Group


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