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The Increase in Sports-Themed Games

Throughout the years, fans have enjoyed playing their favourite sports in the virtual world, living out their wildest sports fantasy. As time has passed, and technology has advanced, there have been more and more sports games coming onto the market and available to fans. From football games to games such as Cleopatra Slots, the options are virtually endless, and most sports out there have a virtual game to support it.

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Every sports fan has dreamt about scoring a winning goal at the World Cup or getting a hole in one at the US Open, however for most of us, these remain a dream. Thankfully, thanks to technology and the sports games available, we can live these dreams over and over to our hearts content. 

But what exactly draws sports fans to play their sport-themed games and why are they so successful? In this article we’ll take a look at why there have been an increase in sport-themed games and why they’re so popular.


Feeling Like A Superstar

As we briefly mentioned above, one of the main reasons people choose to play sports-themed video games is to get a taste of being a professional athlete. Most of us sports fans won’t ever get the chance to step onto that pitch or court in real life, so having the opportunity to do so virtually is the next best thing. 

Being able to play out pretty much any scenario or experience you like over and over, changing it up everytime is a truly unique experience and one that right now is the closest thing we have to actually being a professional athlete. 

For example, most people don’t make it as footballers in life, however with EA FC 24, you have the opportunity to play for your favourite club, as a manager or your own player and live out your dreams of taking your club to glory.

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Career Opportunities

In recent times, playing sports games has become a potential career for people, either via streaming or via esports. Streaming and making videos on these games really took off in the early 2010’s, with people making videos on their favourite sports games for other people to watch, this blowing up into the multibillion industry we know today in Youtube and streaming platforms.

People can stream themselves playing their favourite sports game to an audience, with add revenue and donations to support the streamer and make it a viable career option. Many now do this as a job and have made a great career out of content creation, making a significant salary by doing this. 

Another way to go is e-sports, where people will play their favourite sports games, become very good at them and end up playing professionally against other players from around the world, hoping to become champion.

Players are up against each other not only just for the title of champion, but also for prize money, as they compete in tournaments, there is usually prize money up for grabs, with the winner usually picking up a sizable prize fund. 

E-sports is arguably harder to get into than streaming and content creation, as to compete in e-sports you have to be one of the best of the best and always be top of your game. However, if you're good enough, there’s numerous options for you. For example, a lot of professional football teams have their own e-sports teams competing in tournaments each year.

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Games That Are Available For Your Sport

Football: EA FC 24, take control of your favourite teams and compete to become the best of the best and bring them to glory.

Football Manager 2024: a much more realistic football simulator. Take control of a team, either try your hand at a top club or start from the very bottom and work your way up to be the best, controlling everything from tactics, finances, transfers and contracts, it’s all down to you.

American football: NFL 24 - play football your way, show everyone who is the best around and lead your team to victory.

Golf: PGA tour - take your swing at becoming the best golfer around, make it to the masters and then try to win the whole thing.

Sports is and has always been a competitive thing, and virtually is no different. That said however, it’s something that everyone should be able to enjoy. Out there is a game for every sports fan, no matter the skill level. 

With the increase in popularity of sport, it’s only natural that the popularity for sports games also increases, and is something that doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

After reading about the above games and why they’re so popular, which one will you be trying first? 

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Adobestock & Unpslash

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Thankfully, thanks to technology and the sports games available, we can live these dreams over and over to our hearts content.  geometry dash subzero

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