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“The Cyrus” Sneaker by Mallet London

Mallet London introduces their latest women’s sneaker ‘The Cyrus’ just in time for Mothers Day. This style, already a bestseller in the men’s version, launches this month exclusively at in 5 striking new colorways: Black & Rose, Lilac, Mauve, Powder Blue and Taupe.

“I’m excited to introduce this new style for Spring,” says Tommy Mallet, the Founder and Creative Director of the brand. The name ‘Cyrus’ derives from Cirrus and has a double meaning but alternate spelling. Cirrus means “clouds forming”, and the appearance and shape of the Cyrus is the reason for the name, not to mention the pillow-like comfort resembling a cloud. “They are sleek, comfortable, unique, versatile and can be worn during the day or at night,” says Mallet.

In keeping with the theme of all shoes being named after streets in Islington, where the brand founder hails from, Cyrus Street is also a few steps away from the brand’s new London Headquarters.

“To go forward I have to go back,” says Mallet referring to the design process. “You have to put yourself in your own shoes”. “I started Mallet because the 15-year-old me could not afford to buy the designer sneakers I wanted. I had to work to be able to buy the sneakers I wanted. Mallet started from passion. I wanted to create my own community, where anyone can wear my shoes. It’s not about where you come from, it’s about what you love”.

Mallet London offers quality sneakers at an achievable price point. “I am creating luxury that is accessible to people who appreciate luxury design,” says Mallet.

The brand, known for its bold yet minimalistic silhouettes with sleek soles, launches new styles each season but also maintains a core collection. Signature details synonymous with the brand include the statement metal heel clip and the trademark “M” monogram. Each silhouette is thoughtfully designed in London and made with high-quality leather and mesh.

The Cyrus is available exclusively at and is priced from $295.

By ML Staff | Images courtesy of Mallet London


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