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The Byzantine Magic: Buccellati’s Mosaico Collection

The “Mosaico” Collection by Buccellati is a testament to Andrea Buccellati’s profound admiration for Byzantine mosaics. In reflecting on the golden backgrounds, unpredictable geometric decorations, stylization, intense colors, and the special light that permeates the surface of these ancient artworks, Buccellati shares, “I have observed Byzantine mosaics with their golden backgrounds, their never predictable geometric decorations, their stylisation, their intense colours and that special light that permeates the surface and abstracts it. It is a continuous magic that gave me the desire to take my grandfather’s and my father’s creative inspiration and bring it into a collection of unique high jewelry objects.”

Mosaico Bib-Necklace

Bib-necklace composed of white gold and diamond silhouettes with central oval bezel in white gold and diamond. Yellow gold rivière with sapphires alternating with emeralds and white gold silhouettes with diamonds. Shiny yellow gold beads. Modeled yellow gold border.

Mosaico Bracelet

Flexible bracelet with four-petalled flowers formed of three rows of garlands alternating with rhomboidal shapes. Outer petals in yellow gold and diamonds, middle petals in yellow gold and fancy diamonds. Yellow gold border with white gold pavè.

Mosaico Ring

Ring in yellow and white gold set with fancy diamonds and round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Mosaico Earrings

Earrings in yellow and white gold set with round brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette diamonds. Dimensions: length 73 mm, width 28 mm.

Mosaico Bracelet

Bracelet in white and yellow gold set with emeralds. Dimensions: width 30 mm.

Mosaico Necklace

Necklace composed of seven cushion-cut scaled bezels in yellow gold and sapphires, alternating with drop-shaped bezels in yellow gold set with fancy diamonds. White gold and diamond elements and yellow gold modelled thread. White gold pavé border and yellow gold modeled thread.

This collection is a harmonious marriage of generational craftsmanship and contemporary vision, resulting in high jewelry pieces rooted in a rich artistic legacy.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Buccellati


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