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The Brandon Farris Exclusive Interview: Miami Moments & Online Fame

In this interview with Brandon Farris for Miami Living Magazine, delve into the journey of a social media sensation. From humble beginnings and living out of his car to viral fame, Farris shares the challenges he faced, his comedic inspirations, and the unwavering support of his wife. Gain insight into his drive to bring laughter to audiences worldwide and his memorable experiences in Miami. Join us as we uncover the story of Brandon Farris’s rise to social media stardom and his mission to spread joy, one video at a time.

Miami Living: What inspired you to first start posting videos on social media?

Brandon Farris: I’ve been making weird comedy videos as far back as 7 years old I believe. Back then it was just for me and friends because there was no easy way to upload that footage. I started uploading my music on Youtube first because in my early 20’s I wanted to do music as a career and I saw the benefit of being online. It wasn’t until February of 2014 when my sister tagged me in the Ice Bucket Challenge that I uploaded my first honest piece of comedy and it blew up! Over 70,000 views and over 90% disliked.. so, it wasn’t the best start for me and my fragile ego.

Miami Living: What was it like living out of your car and regularly posting videos on social media?

Brandon Farris: Living out of my car was a lot of things! Lonely at times, exciting, Making videos kind of kept me sane a bit. There is a lot of time to think when you have no place to go and you’re sitting in your car. I think looking back I loved it and am grateful for it, but I think in the moment I would have given anything to be where I am today. I think that’s where my drive came from (pun intended).

Miami Living: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced living on the road?

Brandon Farris: I found out pretty quickly that finding a place to sleep would be one of the biggest challenges. I lived in Burbank, around LA, and they do a great job about not letting people sleep in their vehicles comfortably.

I’ve been kicked out of many parking lots, got the cops called on me, had people shine flashlights and bang on my windows while I was asleep telling me to move. It was tough for me personally to comfortably find a place to just relax.

Space was also another issue. Not a lot of room in a car for anything other than the necessities..and peanut butter. There is always room for peanut butter (which was 90% of my dinners)

Miami Living: How did posting online change the course of your life?

Brandon Farris: 180 degree shift. I went from not having a place to live, or comfortably sleep, or even a place to sit and feeling lonely, to having an amazing wife and two beautiful children in our own home. It was night and day for me. I’m beyond grateful for where I am and even more grateful for where I was and what I did to get here!

Miami Living: You write “You Deserve to Laugh” in your bio, what does comedy mean to you?

Brandon Farris: I wrote that very purposefully. I knew that people in the world were struggling, I was one of them, and having something to lift my mood and break me out of the thoughts of “will I live in my car forever? Will this ever work?” were incredibly beneficial for me.

So I knew people needed something to give them what other creators gave me, so I decided to make it clear that I am here to show you that no matter what is happening in your life you deserve to laugh. So it had a deep meaning for me when I wrote it. It was also a big reason why I uploaded daily. People need help every day and I felt this obligation almost to be that person for whoever needed it!

Miami Living: What was one of your first videos to go viral?

Brandon Farris: Besides the failed Ice Bucket Challenge... I did a video where I just ranted about how I got an Oreo McFlurry from McDonalds and they just piled the Oreo on top and didn’t mix it. Just a funny late night rant that for some reason people enjoyed. That is the earliest one I can think of.

MIami Living: What made you ultimately decide to pursue social media full-time?

Brandon Farris: I had a looming thought before I moved to LA to live in my car of “what if I never make it?” Almost like saying, what if I never become what I want to become. It was one of those thoughts that really sank my heart into my stomach. Thinking that I might work in this restaurant the rest of my life scared me. So that initial thought is what drove me to make the leap to move where the entertainment was and make it no matter what.

Miami Living: Your wife is featured in several of your videos, how has she supported you throughout the course of your social media journey?

Brandon Farris: I honestly don’t think I’d be in this position without her. Full stop. Period. When I got fired, I had no place to go and she opened her home to me so I could get back on my feet. She made it possible for me to continue pursuing content and it didn’t take long until it started making money and I’m still to this day trying to repay her for that. She’s everything to me.

Miami Living: What impact do you hope to leave behind with your social media content?

Brandon Farris: Deep down I don’t want to leave a huge impact. I want to leave small impacts in people’s days throughout the time that I’m doing this. I don’t need the big recognition at the end. I just need to do what I’m good at and hope it inspires one person to do what I did and not settle for a life I wasn’t comfortable living.

Miami Living: What was your initial impression of Miami?

Brandon Farris: I loved Miami! Me and my wife went for work so we had some time to experience Miami and I really enjoyed it!

Miami Living: What have been your most memorable moments in Miami?

Brandon Farris: The coffee was one of the most memorable moments for me! Not even kidding, it was the greatest coffee I’ve ever had still to this day! One other memorable moment was while drinking my delicious coffee I saw a nude man riding his bike down the sidewalk and I haven’t been able to get that image out of my head.

Miami Living: And what is your favorite thing about Miami?

Brandon Farris: As I said earlier, my favorite thing about Miami was the coffee and the food! We love to try new foods and Miami had so much and I didn’t have one bad thing!

Miami Living: What is something that you still want to explore in Miami?

Brandon Farris: I think there is so much that we would like to explore. I’d like to try more food and maybe explore more shops. It rained pretty hard the one day we decided to walk around so we didn’t get to see that much! Can’t wait to go back, and hopefully see that older man riding his bike.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Brandon Farris and Te’Aven Roque.


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