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The BMW Art Journey Collectibles

Since the inception of the BMW Art Journey initiative, in collaboration with Hatje Cantz, we have published a series of books on the subject of art journeys and to commemorate some of the art journeys that have taken place.

The inaugural volume, The Sense of Movement: When Artists Travel, looked back on the rich history of traveling artists, with an introductory essay by the acclaimed American essayist Lawrence Weschler. Five additional volumes to date, edited by Art Journey advisor András Szántó, have commemorated winning projects.

Each book offers an immersive account of an art journey, with images from the road, examples of art works inspired by the journeys, interviews and texts. The experience of some volumes is further amplified with sound files, for example the sound of bells recorded by Samson Young on his art journey, the first in the series.

Taken together, the books amounts to a growing archive documenting artists' travels to distant point across the globe, illustrating the endless possibilities of travel as seen through the eyes of artists.

  • The Sense of Movement. When Artists Travel

  • Samson Young. For Whom The Bell Tolls

  • Abigail Reynolds. The Ruins of Time

  • Max Hooper Schneider. Planetary Vitrine

  • Zac Langdon-Pole. Constellations

  • Leelee Chan. Tokens From Time

By ML Staff. Image and textual inserts courtesy of BMW


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