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The Art of Textiles

A look at Nick Cave's x Knoll collaboration.

Nick Cave’s partnership with Knoll Textiles has resulted in a groundbreaking collection of textiles that establish a new point of view on the textile experience. Taking inspiration from specific sculptures and installations, the groundbreaking artist layers patterns and multiple craft techniques to create a range of upholstery, wallcovering, and drapery fabrics.

The collection features a mix of vibrant colors and bold patterns that are inspired by Cave’s soundsuits - his iconic sculptures made of found materials and adorned with colorful accents. This fusion of artistic creativity and textile design expertise has led to a range of textiles that are not only functional, but also visually stunning.

The Nick Cave x Knoll Textiles collection brings a touch of artistic flair to any interior space, allowing people to incorporate the beauty of Cave’s work into their everyday environment. The partnership represents a meeting of two worlds: the world of fine art and the world of design, and the result is a series of textiles that challenge the traditional notion of what a textile can be. To learn more visit

By ML Staff | Images courtesy of Knoll.


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