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The Art of Scent: Olfactory NYC

As we approach Art Basel, we are featuring brands that redefine art and design. First up is Olfactory NYC, a revolutionary new concept in modern fine fragrance founded by JJ Vittoria in 2017.

Curated by the world's top perfumers, using the highest quality natural and sustainable ingredients found in the finest luxury brands, the passionate team at Olfactory NYC eliminates the guesswork behind choosing a “signature scent” by allowing customers to create their own personalized fragrance. When visiting an Olfactory NYC studio, the customer experience is fun and accessible, and includes smelling a selection of 9 core, gender-neutral fragrances and choosing a favorite to customize. Based on one’s preferences, the scentologists will then guide one through the process of layering a variety of different fragrance accords to each core scent until one discovers their perfect blend. The custom scent is then freshly bottled, and clients can choose the fragrance's bottle color and handstamped label name. In addition to core and custom fragrance, Olfactory NYC offers travel sprays, body wash, body lotion, rinse-free hand wash, and soy-blend candles in many of the same scents as the core fragrances.

Olfactory NYC also offers the option to create custom scents at home. The three-step process is designed to mimic the in-store experience, and includes an “Explorer Box” shipment, which includes the 9 core scents, followed by a “Tinkerer Box” with the accords to add to the core scents, and finally after creating the custom scent, a Full Size Custom Fragrance is delivered. Additionally, Olfactory NYC offers traditional Gift Cards and Gift Bottles, which recipients may redeem in-store by creating their personalized fragrance, complete with a custom handstamped label.

"At Olfactory NYC, we focus on fragrance. Using only the highest quality ingredients, sourced and created by some of the world’s top perfumers, we bottle and blend our scents fresh at our scent studios. We also know your fragrance is personal. Guided by our on site scent mixologists, our customers are invited to customize their fragrances. Harnessing the genius and passion of master perfumers to create something uniquely yours. Olfactory NYC is a new concept in fine fragrance. By eliminating costly bottling, packaging and licensing fees, we make the art of master perfumers more accessible. Our scents are designed to be fun, complex and engaging, allowing our customer to explore a new side of fine fragrance. Customers can also tinker with their scent, by adding specially designed accords, to create a scent that is personal and unique.” - JJ Vittoria, Founder, Olfactory NYC

Olfactory NYC works with some of the world’s top perfumers, including: Ilias Ermenedis, Honorine Blanc, Harry Fremont, Gabriela Chelariu, Frank Voelkl, and Annie Buzantian.

Olfactory NYC is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny International. All of the products are vegan, phthalate-free, and paraben-free. The fragrance oils are sustainably sourced and contain ingredients certified safe by IFRA.

Olfactory NYC currently has three New York City boutiques including Nolita, West Village, and Williamsburg, and the products and at-home experience are available online at as well as through affiliate retail marketing partner Share-A-Sale.

Discover your Signature Scent today at

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Olfactory NYC


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