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Take Flight with FLITE: Unleashing Freedom with Flite AIR and Flitescooter Innovations

Flite, a brand of Mercury Marine, is the world’s leading electric hydrofoil (eFoil) brand. Their Fliteboards give riders the sensation of flying over water, without wind or waves, emission-free, wake-free and virtually silent. The last word in luxury recreation, Fliteboards have ushered in a new category of environmentally friendly powered watercraft that tens of thousands of people around the globe already enjoy and they are fast becoming the most popular Super Yacht accessory. Every detail is meticulously crafted for maximum performance, durability, usability and style, with a relentless focus on excellence in materials, design, innovation and customer care. 

From a spark of inspiration, to a globally recognised company producing the world's most highly-awarded eFoils, Flite has come a long way in a short time.

The idea for a motorized hydrofoil arrived on a windless day in 2016 as a 'lightbulb moment'. Flite's founder, former kite-surfing world record holder and serial entrepreneur David Trewern, was at a kite foiling event when he thought: ‘What if I didn’t have to wait for the wind, or for the swell to rise? What if I could just attach an electric motor to my foil?’

One year later, and the original Fliteboard was launched. 

“Every year since, we’ve brought new, industry leading innovations to the world. We have gone all out for 2024 to complete the roll-out of our four-year product vision. The 2024 Flite range offers amazing ways to fly over water for everyone from beginner to pro; at both accessible and premium price points.” said David Trewern, Fliteboard CEO and Founder.

Everyone believes in something: Love, fate, luck, change.  Flite believes in beyond, the place that drives them forever forward to go lighter, stiffer, slimmer, smarter, safer, more efficient, more elegant, more usable and even less environmentally impactful.

And the 2024 range delivers just that. 

It includes the all-new ULTRA L2, the world’s lightest production performance eFoil designed for the most advanced wave riders. Also new is the fourth generation of Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO, with an array of enhancements including a new high performance Aluminium eFoil propulsion system, with titanium conical wing interface and an innovative new performance wing range. A new stunning hand controller from world renowned designer Marc Newson comes with a larger, brighter color screen and new wave riding interface. Plus there’s also a new durable Soft Top EVA board range perfect for launching from a boat, dock or jetty.


These new additions join Flite AIR and AIR PRO, launched in February at the Miami International Boat Show, the ultra premium Marc Newson Range, displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, the disruptive new FLITELab* surf range, and Flitescooter, the easiest way to ‘Take Flite’ over water.  

Flite AIR and AIR PRO are the most accessible models in the Flite range. They offer the same geometry, precision and underwater performance as their non-inflatable cousins, Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO, but at a more affordable price point. The innovative design, combines a rigid foam-core platform for a steady and responsive ride, with a reinforced inflatable outer section that helps keep weight down and durability up, ensuring ease of transportation, learning, and enjoyment for riders of all skill levels but particularly for beginners who could otherwise damage a more expensive board (or boat) while learning. It’s perfect for dragging on and off boats and docks as well as sharing between friends. The vibrant color options further enhance rider style and enjoyment, aligning with Flite's commitment to fun and fostering community.

The inspiration for Flitescooter came back in 2017 when the first Fliteboard was being developed. Bethwyn Trewern, wife of founder and CEO David Trewern, was intimidated to try Fliteboarding which led to the company developing ways to make eFoiling even more accessible. Six years later and Flitescooter was born, leveraging the groundbreaking technology of Fliteboard in a way that allows everyone to fly in minutes. 

Featuring removable handlebars for balance and stability, anyone who’s ridden a scooter or a bike will find the stance familiar. It caters to absolute beginners, then grows with them as their confidence grows, offering an evolving way to fly. Riders can step on or off from a dock or a boat and they may not even get wet. Perfect for yachts, resorts and families, Flitescooter is a quiet, environmentally friendly alternative to a jetski, offering a unique and versatile riding experience that promotes rider confidence and safety in a fun, accessible and durable craft. Adaptability is key – as well as going with or without handlebars, Flitescooter can convert into a slightly smaller, more responsive and agile Fliteboard AIR XL simply by changing the bladder, extending the engagement even further. 

Safety is paramount to the Fliteboarding experience with several innovations and patented technologies to enhance your riding experience. These include automatic motor cut-off in the event of a fall, new Fly Zones, where you can geo-fence the area in which your Fliteboard will operate and Flite Jet, the world’s most compact eFoil jet, with completely enclosed impeller.   


The entire Flite range is built on the award-winning and celebrated Flite product architecture which is modular and comprises Flitecell, Flitebox, Virtual gears, Unibody fuselage, Flite App, and Flite’s different propulsion options. So whichever model you buy, it comes loaded with the same interchangeable innovative tech and engineering. 

For your chance to experience the last word in reef, lake and river-safe recreation, visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Flite


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