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SXM Festival Announces Phase Two Lineup for 2024 Edition

SXM Festival is excited to announce the eagerly awaited Phase Two lineup of its 2024 edition on the idyllic Caribbean island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten.

Building on its reputation as the pinnacle of electronic music extravaganzas, this year’s SXM Festival is slated for March 11 - 18, 2024, and promises to surpass previous expectations, offering a week-long odyssey from dawn to dawn, filled with musical euphoria and an atmosphere soaked in the unique blend of Caribbean allure and adventurous spirit.

Curated by its visionary founder Julian Prince, the SXM Festival 2024 lineup is set to showcase a phenomenal array of the globe’s most sought-after DJ talents. Additions to this year’s electric roster include & Friends, Anyasa, Augusto Yepes, Ben Rau, Ben Sterling, Cali Lanauze, Cassy, Cortes, Culoe De Song , DJ Three, Enamour, Facundo Mohrr, Francis Mercier, Hardt Antoine, Joëlla Jackson, John Dill, Konstantin Sibold, Lehar, Lilya Mandre, Magit Cacoon, Malandra Jr, Manda Moor, Mason Collective, Miss Sabado, Monkey Safari, Muffs & Mykola, Nicolas Masseyeff, Oxia, Paco Osuna, Robag Wruhme, Savage & Shē, SOHMI, Vintage Culture, and Wally Lopez.

These diverse talents will be adding their unique soundscapes to an already stellar lineup, creating an unrivaled fusion of artistry.

Previously announced acts include Adam Ten, Adassiya (Live), AJ Christou, Andrey Pushkarev, Anja Schneider, CHKLTE, CHUS, Dana Ruh (Live), DeWalta, DAOX, Doc Martin, DOSEM, Eli & Fur, Elif, Ella Romand (Live), Fleur Shore, Harry Romero, Husa & Zeyada (Live), Ilario Alicante, Kadosh, Kevin Saunderson, Loco Dice, Lunar Disco, Mira, Marcia Carr, Roy Rosenfeld, SHIMZA, Sinca, Skatman, Shubostar, Tal Fussman, Tiefschwarz and Tony Y Not.

The 34 new additions will join an illustrious list of performers who have graced the iconic stages of SXM Festival including Black Coffee, Bob Moses, Bonobo, Danny Tenaglia, Jamie Jones, Lee Burridge, Maceo Plex, Marco Carola, The Martinez Brothers, Nicole Moudaber, Nina Kraviz, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtinand many more.

Says SXM Festival’s Julian Prince, “We have so many exciting acts making their SXM debut, new incredible venues, mind-blowing art installations and so much more in store. As we cruise into the final stretch before our 7th Edition, we can't help but feel the magic of the number seven so this year will be all about passion, pleasure and partying in paradise. We're gearing up to take the SXM Festival to a whole new level, and we can't wait to rock this journey with all of you!”

The Festival:

Since its inception, SXM Festival has cemented itself as the vibrant cultural epicenter at the intersection of music and luxury travel. Founded in 2016 with the intention to integrate and celebrate our shared universal connectors of music, the arts, scenic landscapes and gastronomy, SXM Festival is not only an escape, but an immersion into a global community and its home in the heart of the Caribbean.

Synonymous with a sense of discovery, SXM Festival exists in a category all its own where each day offers a new and personal experience rooted in the exploration of a shared dance floor: Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. An island-wide affair set against the secluded beaches, lush rainforests, stunning villas, boats and beach clubs of this idyllic backdrop, every year thousands of professional party-goers make this pilgrimage in search of the one-of-a-kind experiences and artistic wonders that SXM Festival offers.

In addition to an epic lineup of electronic music performances, SXM Festival attendees are encouraged to “choose their own adventure” with a customizable itinerary that leans into the brand’s island roots and its diverse influences.

Whether indulging in gourmet dining experiences at the festival’s stunning flagship Hommage Hotel to kick backs at a local BBQ, plane watching in Maho to zip lining over the island, surfing, jet skiing, or simply taking a dip at one of the 37 beaches on this 70-mile coastline, there are endless ways to experience paradise the SXM Festival way.

This year, the illustrious SXM Festival has further amplified its sonic offerings through strategic alliances. Joining hands with the global celebrated deep house label, Anjunadeep, festival-goers are in for a mesmerizing sunset party set against the pristine shores of Boho Beach on March 14th. Marking another exciting collaboration with ZERO NYC, the city’s eminent party promoter, will weave its enchantment for a captivating sunrise fiesta at Boho Beach on March 17th.

These partnerships exemplify SXM Festival’s commitment to curating exceptional musical experiences and its ethos of uniting like-minded communities in the realm of electronic music.

The Venues:

SXM Festival will unfold across a selection of truly unique venues, each meticulously crafted to offer its own bespoke design and immersive atmosphere.

This year, the festival introduces five new mesmerizing locations to its repertoire. From the historic elegance of Bamboo House to the vibrant energy of Moonbar, and the seaside allure of Kalatua Beach, these locations offer fresh, dynamic backdrops to the festival's pulsating beats.

The addition of Lotus Nightclub and Rainbow Cafe weaves a rich tapestry of underground sounds and panoramic views, enhancing the eclectic mix of the festival's venues.

These captivating new additions join the already beloved venues of SXM Festival: Happy Bay with the iconic Arc main stage, and the immersive Ocean stage, and the enchanting Boho Beach. Not to be missed is the world-renowned Panorama party, perched atop Sint Maarten's highest mountain, offering a 360-degree view that transforms dancing into a transcendent experience. The festival's spectrum is further broadened by satellite parties, including the Boat and Villa Party, each contributing to the multifaceted adventure that is SXM Festival 2024.

Images credit: @offbrandproject.eth

Its Home:

The Saint Martin/Sint Maarten community has been profoundly ingrained in the SXM Festival story. At its core, SXM Festival is an unwavering celebration of cultural connectivity and adventure, guiding attendees through the island’s soul and spirit. The relationship between SXM Festival, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten and its people inform every aspect of the guest experience and interaction with the island.

Though SXM Festival takes place in March, efforts continue year-round to promote respectful tourism, contribute to the island’s cultural and natural scenes and to have a positive impact on its native communities.

Since its first edition, the organizers of the SXM Festival have sought to develop and maintain a sustainable event. Every inch and element of festival venues are carefully crafted months ahead by innovative artists from around the world who integrate recycled materials and natural elements into each design.

Following a “leave no trace” principle, SXM Festival carefully prepares, cleans and recleans each festival site in an effort to leave every natural space as beautiful as it was. SXM Festival also partners with like-minded champions of the environment such as Go Paperless and Bye Bye Plastic, and implements eco-friendly innovations including energy saving LED and solar light to strengthen its commitment to becoming increasingly more sustainable year after year.

For more information about the event visit

By ML staff. Images courtesy of SXM Festival.


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