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Surfing in Las Vegas with Radinn

When you think of the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, a few things probably come to mind — scenes from your favorite Hollywood hits (read: Ocean’s Eleven, The Hangover), blocks and boardwalks lined with casinos, or the sheer extravagance that is Sin City.

Radinn & Rock Band Imagine Dragons Make a Match in Music Video heaven.

You don’t often think of surfing or electric jetboards. And that is exactly what our feature in Imagine Dragons’ newest music video, Sharks, is all about.

How the Imagine Dragons lead vocalist ended up surfing alongside the Bellagio Water Show on a Radinn jetboard is a story that evolved as fluidly as the fountains themselves.

First things first, check out our feature in Sharks below. Then, read on to learn how Radinn came to be involved with the multi-platinum rock band, and why our collab is a match made in music video heaven.

What happens in Vegas

When a close acquaintance of Imagine Dragons became a Radinn customer some time back, the band reached out to learn more about our boards. At the time, storyboarding for the Sharks music video was well underway, and it didn’t take long for the pieces to fall into place.

Not just anybody gets permission to enter the Bellagio Fountain, let alone ride a jetboard over it.

What better way to showcase Imagine Dragons’ maverick mentality than by riding a jetboard across the famed Las Vegas attraction, named the number one U.S. landmark in Trip Advisor’s first-ever Travelers’ Choice awards?

With our scrappy origins and “Make waves” motto, it’s a mentality that resonates with Radinn well. As the world’s first commercial jetboard company, we too are proud to be disruptors in our industry, re-defining the future of water mobility.

The flexibility of the Freeride

The jetboard seen in the Sharks music video is the Radinn Freeride, and there’s a reason the final scene looks as epic as it does. The Freeride is easy to master, and even more fun to ride. It holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, and while simple to get started on, it’s responsive enough for serious speed and playful riding.

The jetboard seen in the music video is the Freeride Element.

In fact, the production crew originally brought in a stunt double to perform the surfing scene, but thanks to the Freeride’s low learning threshold, the Imagine Dragons lead vocalist picked up the hang of it in no time. Once the crew saw the jetboard in action, they even extended the shoot two hours to accommodate more time on the water—giving the stunt double the day off, and Imagine Dragons the surfing spotlight.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Radinn


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