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Sunnyside Launches Good News Products in Florida Just in Time For Summer

Sunnyside, a medical cannabis retailer operated by Cresco Labs where patients can explore, discover and purchase a broad assortment of top quality products, today announced the launch of new vapes from the Good News brand. Initial availability includes the addition of Day Off and Pride mindsets to its line of 300mg disposable pens featuring four flavored mindsets (Me Time, Brunch, Friyay, Vegas), as well as new 500mg and 1g vape cartridges in four flavored mindsets (Me Time, Brunch, Day Off, Vegas). More products will roll out throughout June and July.

“We’re expanding our Good News assortment to reach more patients with ratioed products, diverse occasions for consumption and more flavors,” said Cris Rivera, Florida Regional President at Cresco Labs. “Our new Pride and Day Off disposable vapes and line of flavored cartridges are formulated with a blend of distillate oil and botanical derived terpenes for a great flavor with no cannabis taste. These additions differentiate the Good News portfolio to offer more choice. We’ll continue to introduce new brands and launch new products in our Sunnyside stores throughout Florida to meet patients wherever they are on their cannabis journey and to ensure that we have the best possible assortment for their needs.”

Good News, a cannabis brand from Cresco Labs, offers a suite of easy-to-enjoy medical cannabis products with curated formulations, flavors, dosages and creative mindsets designed to make medical cannabis more approachable and simpler to integrate into life’s best moments.

  • Pride Disposable Vape Pen: To pump up every moment and take love to newer heights. Tropical Punch flavor. 300mg

  • Day Off Disposable Vape Pen & Cartridge: For taking a break from business to enjoy some peace and make the most of your time off. Enhanced with CBD (1:2 CBD:THC). 300mg vape pen. 500mg vape cart

  • Me Time Vape Cartridge: For unwinding on low key nights or cozying up for lazy days to binge your favorite shows. Berry flavor. 500mg & 1g

  • Brunch Vape Cartridge: To elevate daytime fun. Orange flavor. 500mg

  • Vegas Vape Cartridge: For going all-in on the nights you want to make legendary. Mint Chocolate flavor. 500mg & 1g

Brunch (1g) and Friyay (500mg & 1g) vape cartridges will arrive on Sunnyside store shelves soon.

During Pride Month, Good News will support South Florida’s The Pride Center at Equality Park with a donation to support its ongoing services. The Pride Center at Equality Park provides education, support groups, health services and more for the LGBTQ+ community in South Florida.

For more information about Good News, visit To place orders and learn more about Sunnyside, visit

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Sunnyside is a cannabis shop offering a welcoming and convenient place for all kinds of people to explore, discover and purchase a wide array of cannabis products. The nationwide cannabis retailer aims to meet you wherever you are on your cannabis journey, providing education and a judgement-free place to shop. A more sophisticated and familiar shopping destination that combines high-end design inspired by healthcare, retail and hospitality, Sunnyside elevates the value dispensaries can add to a local community with a bright, inviting aesthetic and convenient shopping experience, whether in store, online or through delivery. Visit to learn more.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Sunnyside


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