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Sunny Days: Megan Mae Miami® Debuts Sandstorm Collection

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Megan Mae Miami® just launched two brand new collections at Miami Swim Week® 2023 hosted by Arts Hearts Fashion. Both collections bring their own distinctive vibes, with the Sandstorm collection consisting of warmer, neutral tones in contrast to the Liquid Metal collection’s cooler colors and glossy, shimmery fabric.

Megan Mae Stevens — the luxury swimwear line’s designer and owner — did a remarkable job creating two juxtaposing collections that perfectly complement each other. In addition to drawing influence from Miami’s vibrant communities and residents, Megan was inspired by the stark difference in atmosphere and lifestyle between sunny Miami days and starry Miami nights.

The Sandstorm collection is the yang to the Liquid Metal collection’s yin. Chic and luxurious, the suits come in four fresh colors: Champagne, Champagne Camo, Cinnamon, and Alchemy. The neutral tones are adaptable to any setting and situation, from the beach to the pool party.

In her words, “Here in Miami, it’s not uncommon for someone to incorporate a swimsuit into an outfit and call it a night — anything goes! [laughs] We try to keep our line versatile so people have more styling freedom.”

While the Sandstorm collection’s looks are a bit more subtle and low-key than its moodier, shimmery Liquid Metal counterpart, the suits are still boldly glamorous. The cuts are flattering on all body types, and the elegant colors pair beautifully with all skin tones. Simply put, anyone can feel and look fabulous in a Megan Mae Miami® swimsuit.

Megan Mae Miami® is no stranger to Miami Swim Week® — this is the brand’s third time participating. However, this year marked an exciting milestone for the trailblazing designer.

“I wanted to do something brand new with our latest collections,” Megan said. “With our initial collections, we focused on bright, vibrant, poppy colors. I wanted to bring a different feel this time around.”

As Megan and 15 other gorgeous models showcased her latest work on the runway, there was no doubt that the audience was witnessing something special. The room was electric. The show kicked off with the cooler Liquid Metal suits and then transitioned into the warmer Sandstorm collection, combining two contrasting collections into one comprehensive presentation.

Megan’s designs exude positive energy, much like the inspirational woman behind them. Megan is known for being a motivational figure who works hard to empower women in many aspects of life, including beauty, fitness, health, and wellness.

Knowing Megan’s history, it is no surprise that her suits’ thoughtful designs have motivational names, such as Courageous, Desire, Inspire, Elegance, Passionate, and Tranquil. Each piece is meant to serve as a reminder of the boundless ways that women can express themselves and strive for personal growth.

Megan Mae Miami® is a brand you can feel great about supporting. All of their swimsuits are sustainable. They’re made from an Italian textile fiber called ECONYL®, which is made from recycled plastics and fishing nets from oceans worldwide.

“When you purchase a bikini from us, you know that you’re making a difference in the environment,” says Megan. “Every bikini makes a difference, and you might as well look good doing it!”

No matter where you wear them, Megan Mae Miami® swimsuits will bring a taste of Miami to the occasion. Besides looking absolutely stunning, Megan’s luxurious suits are super comfortable and high-quality. What more could you want?

To learn more about Megan and shop her swimwear line, go to, and to link up with Megan Mae Miami® on Instagram, check out @meganmaemiami and @meganmaestevens.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Matt Pluznick and Megan Mae Miami®


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