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A Look at Stone Island Shadow Project 7419 Spring-Summer '021 Collection

Redefining the concept of contemporary menswear, Stone Island Shadow Project offers advanced design to navigate men’s everyday life with factual utility functions both serving the wearer movement and body. The 26th Shadow Project sees the unparalleled synergy of Stone Island’s conceptuality in fabric development and garment dyeing engineering with strenuously design features. Engineered lightness and ease are combined with modular breathability; stretch shoulder inlays, foldable convertible pockets, mesh pockets, adjustable two-way zippers revealing ventilation meshes are the season’s main features together with the TWIN ZIP feature, used to layer the seasonal vest on top of a jacket and knit. The return of the GORE-TEX PACLITE®- the two-layer composite fabric which is one of the world’s best performing lightweight and waterproof breathable textiles. The collection is enhanced with highly engineered knits with strong visual impact, rich nylon felpa and mako cotton inner layer pieces and the signature suede slip-on shoes.

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Developed exclusively for Stone Island Shadow Project, this single layer ripstop blend of nylon and cotton features a devoré and 3 pigment colors print. The fabric is treated with the devoré procedure during which selected cotton portions of the print are removed, leaving behind the semi-translucent nylon ripstop. The interior is coated with resin to bolster it’s wind resistance. A final anti-drop formula is added for water repellence. HOLLOWCORE POLY LIGHT SINGLE LAYER FABRIC

Single layer woven fabric composed of hollow spun polyester yarn which makes for a deceptively light all season material. Stone Island’s deep expertise imbues these hollow yarns with vivid and rich color during the pressurized overdye process. REN MESH

Mesh fabric incorporating elastic fibers into the warp and weft aspect. This exceptionally lightweight ultra-stretch fabric guarantees comfort and ease. It features Polartec® Alpha® substrate, a gauzed run-proof polyester layer conceived for military use, extremely reactive to changing temperatures and ultra-breathable. A rich garment dyeing recipe imbues the mesh and the secondary fabrics with extraordinary color hues. For more info visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Stone Island Shadow


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