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Stefano Zamuner Redefines Men's Fashion with "Mess Of Blues" in Midtown Miami

Stefano Zamuner, a seasoned designer with nearly two decades of experience across renowned global fashion brands, proudly unveils "Mess Of Blues”, an avant-garde menswear boutique nestled in the vibrant heart of Midtown Miami.

"In 2016, 'Mess Of Blues' came to life fueled by a desire to redefine menswear," explains Zamuner. "My journey began after years in the industry as designer and as passionated for all vintage and belonging from other eras. I’ve always been inspired by Elvis Presley's charisma and style, infusing boldness and elegance into each creation."

Derived from Elvis's iconic track "A Mess Of Blues," Zamuner draws motivation and energy from its lyrics, transforming adversity into positive electricity. "It's about transcending challenges, leaving the blues behind, and embracing creativity," he reflects.

Aptly coined "Make Miami Stylish Again," the boutique's motto encapsulates Zamuner's mission - reviving the city's timeless style heritage. "Miami once exuded effortless elegance, and I aim to resurrect that essence," he shares. "From the '80s, when the city was a beacon of sophisticated style, we've witnessed a gradual decline. It's time to reintroduce that flair."

Italian Craftsmanship, American Influence, and Personal Connections:


Emblazoned with "Venezia <> Miami," the shop proudly intertwines Venetian heritage with Miami's vibrant spirit. Every piece tells a story of meticulous Italian handcrafting, intricately woven with a distinct American touch. At "Mess Of Blues," customers aren't just patrons; they're welcomed any time for a chat over a cup of coffee or a drink, fostering personal connections that go beyond transactions.

The boutique's offerings are a testament to this commitment:

Vintage Elegance Meets Modern Sophistication: 

Step into our vintage corner, where history meets the contemporary. Discover high-end jackets, suits, shirts, and accessories, each echoing tales of timeless elegance. Alongside, find iconic soccer jerseys and unique time pieces, each a cherished relic from the annals of style and sport.

The Epitome of Bespoke Tailoring and Signature Collars: 

Bringing back the soft drapes of tailoring inspired by a mix of 50s and 80s styles, our custom tailoring service features subtly structured yet soft designs with lower lapels perfectly balancing modern aesthetics. A focal point lies in our signature shirt collar, meticulously designed by Zamuner himself. These collars, with a 4cm height allowing for proud neck displays, evoke elegance inspired by Elvis's suits while perfectly fitting contemporary aesthetics.

Silk Accessories and Unmatched Ties: 

Beyond clothing, the shop boasts silk accessories born from priceless dead stock fabrics collected by Zamuner's father from the 60s, 70s and 80s fashion era. Collaborating with a premier tie maker, the boutique showcases unlined, light, hand-stitched neckties, embellished with embroidered Italian flags - a unique addition to the menswear world.

Supple Cow Leather and Real Python Brown Loafers:

Introducing super supple cow leather loafers with rubber soles, "Mess Of Blues" offers the perfect compromise between casual attitude and a sharp look, aligning effortlessly with Miami's style. Complementing these are the existing Real Python brown loafers, a natural extension of the boutique's genuine Rock and Roll style attitude.

Elvis’s Influence and Style Inspiration:

Within "Mess Of Blues," Zamuner's guiding principle remains: Would Elvis wear this if he were alive today? This criterion guides the boutique's offerings, aiming not to appeal everyone but to inspire a specific niche to embrace their style confidently. "We don't compromise our bold attitude; we're here to inspire people to be secure in their personality, guiding them along the way," Zamuner emphasizes.

As 'Make Miami Stylish Again' progresses toward becoming a video podcast available on the main platforms in the near future, Stefano Zamuner invites everyone to anticipate and join this journey in revitalizing Miami's fashion narrative, one bespoke piece at a time.

For more information, visit Mess Of Blues at:

3101 N Miami Ave Suite 120, Miami, FL, 33127, USA

Follow their journey on:

Instagram & TikTok: @messofblues

Twitter/X: @messofblues_

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Mess of Blues.


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