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Staying Fit During Difficult Times

As a child I developed a passion for health and fitness. It started with a desire to help my close relatives overcome sickness and hard times. This was difficult to witness but now I see these events as a blessing. They inspired me to educate myself and provided me with the experience and skills to help communities outside of my family achieve the same.

Staying fit, especially now, has become crucial for us to reduce COVID-19 risks. It helps us take care of our immune system, physical and mental health. Fitness is more important than ever before! Through this article, I’m hoping to touch on some subjects that will come as a reminder to some and a great wakeup call to others.


As we all know, food is energy for the body, which is an exciting fact! One of the first questions I ask during a nutrition consultation is “ Do you feel like you have enough energy throughout the day?” The answer to this question alone can tell a lot about one’s diet. Implementing a daily practice of reflecting on one’s energy level is a great way to detect the consumption of high-level energy foods vs. low-level energy foods.

If an individual finds themselves often sluggish, constantly consuming caffeine beverages to get through the day, brain fog, slow reaction and response times or needing to lie down for naps – it is highly likely the foods that they are consuming are low in nutritional value. Now more than ever we must keep ourselves healthy and consciously take our aliment seriously in order to protect us from COVID-19.

Thankfully, Crunch Fitness has partnered with DotFit, a respectable Vitamin and supplement company that stand by products that are safe and reliable. They are also FDA regulated and most NSF Certified (Pro Athletes only use NSF Certified Supplements). I found that is a great tool to help one understand more about their specific dietary needs. It has the tools designed to track macronutrients. All of Crunch fitness professionals are DotFit certified. To learn more about its benefits, reach out to us for a wellness consultation!


Isn’t it amazing how we are all distinctively different from one another? Each individual’s kinetic chains are specific and unique: from the way one walks to how one bends down to pick up something. At Crunch, we take a personal and close look at our client’s bodies in order to analyze its overall kinetic functionally. This is done prior to starting any program in order to achieve maximum results.

Every individual has over compensations, limitations, overactive and underactive muscles. These body unbalances need to be addressed before starting any workout program – just like our nutritional approach.

I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to work at Crunch because the company culture is designed to take care of its members and employees. If you haven’t visited Crunch in South Beach yet, come by! We have a beautiful facility where you can get all of your work out and wellness needs.

We also have experienced and educated professionals that will guide you towards achieving your fitness goals. Hope to see you soon!

Address: 1259 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 674-8222

Words by Melissa Cabrera, Fitness Manager & Personal Trainer at Crunch South Beach • Main image by Meghan Holmes - Unsplash


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