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Starry Nights: Megan Mae Miami® Launches Liquid Metal Collection

Megan Mae Miami® recently debuted two luxury swimwear collections at Miami Swim Week® 2023 hosted by Art Hearts Fashion. Contrasting yet complementary, both collections have their own unique details that clearly differentiate them. That said, the dynamic pairing was highly cohesive when showcased simultaneously on the runway.

The Liquid Metal collection features cooler tones and glossy, shimmery fabrics that juxtapose harmoniously with the Sandstorm collection’s warmer, neutral colors. While the Liquid Metal collection is undeniably glamorous, it has a certain “liquid elegance” to it. Any of the suits would be a perfect choice for a moonlit poolside soirée.

As the swimwear line’s owner and designer, Megan Mae Stevens, puts it, “In Miami, day-time and night-time are two totally different atmospheres and lifestyles. With our upcoming Liquid Metal collection, we used cooler, darker, moodier tones that are perfect for transitioning from sunny days to starry nights.”

The collection’s suits come in four chic colors: Sapphire, Alchemy, Midnight, and Graphite. As evidenced on the Miami Swim Week® runway, the diverse collection of cuts and colors cater to all body types and skin tones. In Megan’s words, “We all have different tastes, so we try to keep our line eclectic so everyone can own a perfect Megan Mae Miami® swimsuit.”

2023 marks the third year Megan Mae Miami® participated in Miami Swim Week®, but this year was extra special. The brand is typically known for its vibrant, bright, poppy colors, so these two distinctive collections mark an exciting milestone as the line grows and evolves.

In addition to debuting two extraordinary new collections at the event, Megan hit the runway alongside her team of 15 other stunning models. This wasn’t her first time walking in Miami Swim Week®, and it likely won’t be her last.

“It’s really cool to have such a young product line and have already attended Miami Swim Week® three times, along with other similar events. It’s a designer’s dream come true,” she reflected. “I’ve also always wanted to walk in Swim Week, and it was so rewarding to combine both goals and be able to say I’ve walked for my own brand.”

Megan is known for her tenacious work ethic and humble spirit, so it’s no surprise that she’s earned such a stellar reputation as a multifaceted motivational figure. Her empowering messages cover many topics, such as health, wellness, fitness, and beauty.

Megan’s swimwear line is a natural extension of her desire to empower women to express their individuality and keep pushing forward with personal development. Knowing the person behind the brand, the inspirational names of the collection’s suits — Charisma, Playful, Desire, Bold, and Passionate — make total sense.

“It's not just about cute suits for me. It’s about accomplishing something meaningful. It’s about adding dimension and depth to my life and the lives of others,” says Megan.

Megan Mae Miami® swimwear is beautiful, but that’s not the only reason to support the brand. The swimsuits are sustainable, too. They’re made out of ECONYL®, a textile fiber from Italy that’s made from recycled plastics and fishing nets from oceans all over the world. Besides being the mindful choice, the material is super comfortable and high-quality.

Megan’s luxurious suits are sure to make a major splash at pools, beaches, and other Miami hotspots this year and beyond, so keep an eye out for the liquid elegance that defines this bold collection. While you’re at it, think about supporting an amazing Miamian and getting a Megan Mae Miami® bikini or one-piece for yourself!

To learn more about Megan and her luxury swimwear line, visit, and be sure to connect on Instagram at @meganmaemiami and @meganmaestevens.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Arun Nevader


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