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Spanish Artist Dora García Asks You to Participate in Her Latest Project: I Remember Miami

During this time of social distancing in our homes, the vibrancy of Miami can feel like a distant memory. Join us in celebrating the place we love by helping to create a work of art.

The Museum of Art and Design at Miami Dade College (MOAD MDC), in collaboration with the Miami Book Fair, invites everyone to take part in the great Spanish artist Dora García’s new public artwork I Remember Miami, a participatory work that invites the public to come together in a virtual collective space of memory and connection to celebrate the experience of living in our city. Produced by the people of Miami themselves, this work records intimate memories of a vital place temporarily stilled. Read more about the project.

Share Your Memories

While we remain in our homes, I Remember Miami asks us to recall small, specific details of spaces in the city that have made lasting impressions on us and to record ourselves as we narrate our memories of being in those spaces. Participants may also submit photographs that relate to their memories. The artist will collect the audio files and photographs to compile a polyvocal archive of memories describing the expansive, richly varied, and indelible place where we live. I Remember Miami represents a hopeful gesture of solidarity and togetherness at a time of individual isolation.

Be part of the project and share your memories. Upload your audio and photo files

Submissions will be accepted until June 30, 2020. Selections will be posted on MOAD and the Miami Book Fair’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. When complete, the archive will be accessible on these websites: MOAD, Miami Book Fair, Dora Garcia. If you have any questions about I Remember Miami or need assistance with your submission, please contact us at

By Miami Living Staff, Courtesy of Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation, and special thanks to photographer Miguel Balbuena.


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