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Spanish Artist and Designer Verónica Mar presents the Jardín Roma Sculpture Garden

Spanish artist, sculptor, and designer Verónica Mar presents Jardín Roma, a sculpture garden located in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz in Southern Spain.

“My sculpture work, with fluid curves and lines, embodies the delicate balance between polarities, symbolizing perpetual equilibrium. They remind us of our interconnectedness and uplifting presence. The three pieces are created with sacred geometry and conceal some Herkimer minerals that are vibrationally very powerful, expanding the energy of love even further. The energy of the little dog Roma is embodied in these three monumental sculptures, where white represents the purity and infinite love of the dog that endures, surrounding its owners in the new home. They have been created in cast aluminium lacquered in white.” - Verónica Mar

Award-Winning Landscape and Interior Designer Fernando Pozuelo continues, “In this case, it is an unprecedented space that portrays a family’s love towards Roma, their beloved golden retriever. This is reflected in Veronica Mar’s sculptures recalling the past, present, and future. Thus, emphasizing the memories of the loved one's presence in the past, the emotions it evokes in the present, and her omnipresent figure in the future. Time is infinite and intertwines in its various facets to form an endless feeling of love and appreciation.” – Fernando Pozuelo

About Verónica Mar

Alchemist & Creative Director. Verónica Mar seeks to represent the essence of nature and the human being in her works, with a minimum material presence. She gives a dream of something different, something extra-ordinary, something genuine. She works with energy. She is in continuous search for balance and harmony, the naturalness of the forms, the simplicity. A powerful body of work that contributes beyond what is visible. Each piece created by Verónica Mar has and emanates its own soul. Born in Granada, Spain, the 15th of August 1979, she received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona in 2005 and a BA in Interior Design from Eina School in 2004. Since 2007, she has exhibited her pieces at some of the best art-design galleries, such as Rossana Orlandi (Milan), Les Ateliers Courbet (NY & Miami), Mint (London), and The Wolfsonian Museum (Miami). Her pieces SOUL Sculpture bench in 2011 and the Autumn Leaf swing in 2012 have been recognized with international awards. She created unique pieces for brands, such as Porcelanosa, Cosentino, Tribú, LAB23, Groël, and more.

“The work of Verónica Mar evokes a universe of spirituality charged with harmony and balance. This artist designs her sculptures with a rhythmic movement, modeling the material as the capricious nature plays with the elements. It may be a little risky to say that Veronica’s work is first and foremost the mystical experience of the world, where the sense of the knowledge of form becomes spiritual. Veronica Mar is looking meticulously and unceasingly for a formal volume, ever more pure and perfect, that transcends her immaculate finish. Her research has nothing to do with abstraction or stylization, because most of all, her work seeks an inner and hidden reality. The inherent essence of the human being and things in their immutable nature. Her way of thinking is very close to Buddhist philosophy and all the names of her sculptures are words extracted from the Tao Te King.” – Patricia Mir, curator, art critic and art journalist.

About Fernando Pozuelo, Landscape + Interior Designer

Fernando Pozuelo is recognized as one of the world's top landscapers, and the creator of some of the most exclusive gardens, due to his vision and sensitivity, every story brought to him by his clients is materialized in this landscaped ensemble. More than 20 years ago, Fernando Pozuelo envisioned a world in which gardens would be a part of our emotions, and since then, he has dedicated his professional career as a landscaper to making the dreams of those who longed for a marvelous garden come true—a living work of art that becomes a lasting legacy. Through his firm, Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection, the expert continues to pursue the dream of shaping unique gardens that approach a utopia, serving as a haven of peace, harmony, and unity with the environment. These gardens intricately connect our inner world through our outer world. Consequently, earning international and national recognition, such as the recently awarded international MUSE Design Awards Platinum Award, the A’ Design Award and Competition, both in 2020 and 2023, the Best of Houzz Design and Services 2023 Award, and the 2017 Gold Medal from the European Competitiveness Association.

Verónica Mar will also participate in the upcoming Design Miami fair with Ateliers Courbet from December 5-10, 2023. For the 2023 Miami edition of Design Miami/, Ateliers Courbet is pleased to present “Primal Nature,” a group installation featuring nine artists whose biomorphic works explore how organic materials and shapes of the earth and body inform their respective design practices. Taking inspiration from archaic designs in the natural world–both telluric and living organisms–these artists incorporate anatomical structures into their designs, both physically, materially, and in the conceptual narrative. Skeletal frameworks drive not only the design process and concept, but the production of each work. The presence of hand-crafted elements will be consistent across a wide range of materials, each specific to their respective regions and historical techniques.

Alongside the works from Editions Courbet, the gallery’s presentation will also include Spanish metal sculptor and lighting designer Verónica Mar’s Ginkgo Chandelier and candle holders, part of a series designed from the Ginkgo Biloba tree, using real ginkgo leaves for the cast bronze molds. In Japanese culture, the Ginkgo tree symbolizes eternity and hope, as it was the only tree that survived the Hiroshima bombing. Skilled artisans in Madrid meticulously craft each leaf and branch in brass, while Mar shapes the final form of the piece.

Instagram: @veronicamar_art

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Verónica Mar


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