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South Florida Independent Retailer Awards Donates $10,100 to Hope 4 Hope Town

Last month, 37 local, independent businesses with a combined store count of over 200 locations were honored in 11 categories at the second annual South Florida Independent Retailer Awards at Signature Grand. The 37 businesses combined, generate over $100 million in annual revenues within the South Florida economy. The event ― which has a mission to bring expanding local independent retailers together with the shopping center community ― featured networking, programming, a retail “Shark Tank,” an awards program with live voting, and a networking lunch. Sarah Quinlan, former senior vice president of MasterCard Market Insights, served as the keynote speaker. Due to the dire need of assistance in the Abaco Islands after Hurricane Dorian, the $10,100 raised was donated to Hope 4 Hope Town to help those devastated in the Northern Bahamian Islands.


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