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South Florida Basketball Association to Honor Changemakers

The South Florida Basketball Association will hold its 2023 Annual Legendary Charity Luncheon on Wednesday, Jan. 18th, between 10 am – 2 pm.

Jan. 18th Legends Charity Luncheon to be held in Boca Raton, FL

Billy Cunningham

Co-founder, Miami Heat | Naismith Hall of Fame Brought Professional Basketball to South Florida

Dave Bing

Former Mayor of Detroit | Naismith Hall of Fame

Helped to Rebuild and Revitalize the Motor City

Trailblazers Who Shaped Women’s Sports History

Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Title IX

Donna Orender

Former President, WNBA

Lucille Kyvallos

Legendary College Basketball Coach

• The SFBA will make a significant donation to the Israel ParaSport Center as part of its charitable mission of helping others.

• Sports Commentator Dave LaMont to serve as Master of Ceremonies

The South Florida Basketball Association will hold its 2023 Annual Legendary Charity Luncheon on Wednesday, Jan. 18th, between 10 am – 2 pm. This celebration will be held at The Club at Boca Pointe, in Boca Raton, FL attracting hundreds of guests from South Florida and around the country. “We are thrilled to be honoring this amazing group of leaders and advance our philanthropic mission,” said Jerry Donner, President of the South Florida Basketball Association.

Honoring a Group of Recognized Changemakers:

Billy Cunningham, Donna Orender and Dave Bing are true changemakers.

Their stories and accomplishments are iconic. Each of these exceptional individuals made history in their respective Hall of Fame careers. As leaders, they went beyond to make lasting contributions helping countless people.

Billy Cunningham. Following his Hall of Fame career as an NBA Champion, both as a player and coach, Billy served as the catalyst to bring the NBA to South Florida when he co-founded the Miami Heat in 1988. “Our team worked with David Stern, NBA Commissioner, to create the foundation for a successful franchise,” said Billy Cunningham, one of the team’s founders. “And with it, since its creation 30+ years ago, The Heat has significantly contributed to the region’s economic well-being and civic identity.” Billy’s insight in building a professional basketball franchise for Miami is a lasting legacy to his leadership acumen. Billy resides in South Florida.

Donna Orender. Donna played an important role as a trailblazer advancing women’s sports by helping to open a new playing field for young girls and women to play sports in America. In 1975, forty-eight years ago, Donna played in the first-ever women’s college basketball game at Madison Square Garden before a crowd of 12,000 fans. Donna, the former President of the WNBA and many other notable positions, resides in Florida.

Dave Bing. Dave excelled as an All-American basketball player in high school and college and then as a Hall of Fame and one of the Top50/75 greatest players. “I always tried to work hard and use my abilities to make a difference,” commented Dave Bing. “As a professional athlete the City of Detroit was always very kind to me. When I retired, I felt a responsibility to give back.” Dave went on to achieve considerable success as a business executive, elected government official, and civil and human rights leader. As Mayor Detroit for two terms, Dave helped to rebuild and revitalize the Motor City.

Commemorating History

This year’s Legends Luncheon also commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Title IX. Prior to the enactment of Title IX, women were not given equal opportunities to participate. This changed in June 1972, when President Richard Nixon, signed this historic legislation.

A truly special and nostalgic moment will be captured on Jan. 18th when Donna will fittingly be introduced and presented SFBA’s Lifetime Achievement Award by Lucille Kyvallos, her 90-year-old former coach. “I am honored to be part of SFBA’s Legends Luncheon this year to help celebrate the importance of Title IX,” commented Donna Orender. “I am grateful to the South Florida Basketball Association for calling attention to the role of women in all American sports.”

Giving Back and Remembering

As part of our charitable mission, the SFBA will make a donation to the Israel ParaSport Center in honor of David Weissman recently deceased long-time president of SFBA and a lifelong philanthropist.

The Israel ParaSport Center is a world-renowned athletic rehabilitation center in Israel that transforms lives. "We are so grateful to the SFBA for their support of the Israel ParaSport Center," said Lori Komisar, National Board President. "This partnership is aligned with everything David Weissman stood for – he believed in the power of sports, and his dedication to The Center empowered thousands of Israelis with disabilities to live life without limits."

“David, was a leader who helped build the SFBA and a lifelong philanthropist who lived in South Florida, was involved in numerous projects to benefit the lives of children and adults with disabilities,” said Judi Gottlieb, executive director of the Association.

Master of Ceremonies

Dave LaMont, popular Sports Commentator and former radio announcer for Miami Hurricanes football, basketball and baseball will host this year’s luncheon. “I accepted SFBA’s invitation to be the host of SFBA’s Annual Legends Luncheon because of their charitable mission, explained, Dave LaMont. “Their work helping others who are less fortunate is at the heart of what sports should be about.”

The South Florida Basketball Association

The SFBA was founded more than 40 years ago in South Florida by a group of former New York City basketball players who retired to the sunshine state. They had a shared legacy. Most were poor kids from multi-ethnic communities in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston whose stage and springboard were the local schoolyard. The DNA of the South Florida Basketball Association is its genuine love for a game that served as a gateway to a lifetime of accomplishments. Members have filled-up scores of basketball record books and have made an impressive array of contributions in all walks of life.

The South Florida Basketball Association keeps alive the spirit of the “city game”, the richness of basketball history and the greatness of this special game. The longevity of the organization is testament to the work of new generations of leaders who have expanded the reach and diversity of our membership and continue to build the foundation and are keeping alive the tradition. It is also a reflection of our philanthropic mission of supporting charitable causes for those in need.

About Our Honorees and Host

Dave Bing | Former Mayor of Detroit | NBA Hall of Fame and Top 50/ 75

Dave Bing found success in all endeavors as an accomplished leader. He has excelled as an athlete, business executive, elected government official, and civil and human rights leader. Born in Washington, DC, Dave was a stand-out All-American high school basketball player. He attended Syracuse University, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics and became one of the school’s best all-time athletes as an All-American. Dave played 12 years in the NBA, including 9 years with the Detroit Pistons, as a perennial All-Star. His efforts earned him a spot on the NBA 50th and 75th Anniversary All-Time Teams and induction into the Hall of Fame. Dave found success in the political and business worlds after his playing days in the NBA ended. He founded Bing Steel in Detroit making it the 10th-largest African American-owned industrial company in the nation. He served two terms as Mayor of Detroit, from 2009-2013 helping to launch the rebuilding and revitalization of the city. Dave is the recipient of numerous awards for his athletic, business, and civic contributions.

Billy Cunningham | Founder of The Miami Heat | NBA Hall of Fame and Top 50/75

Billy Cunningham has been a star athlete, NBA Champion as player and coach, TV commentator, NBA franchise founder, business executive and philanthropist. Born in Brooklyn and dubbed the

“Kangaroo Kid” at Erasmus Hall HS, Billy led his team to the NYC PSAL Championship. After graduating from high school, Billy traveled to set new records at UNC, establishing himself as one of the UNC’s and the ACC’s best players in history, honored as both a basketball and academic All-American. Drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, Billy helped the 76ers win the 1966-67 NBA Championship. As a professional he was a perennial All-Star being elected to the Naismith Hall of Fame and Top 50 & 75 All-time Teams. After an injury ended his playing career, Billy became the head coach, leading the 76ers to the playoffs in every year as coach, and advancing to the NBA Finals 3 times. In 1983, the team captured the NBA Championship by sweeping the LA Lakers. He holds the second-best regular season winning percentage in league history of .698. Billy was a co-founder of The Miami Heat bringing professional basketball to South Florida in 1988. Billy is the recipient of many awards for his athletic, business, community, and charitable work.

Donna Orender | Former President of WNBA and Senior Vice President of PGA

Donna Orender is a highly respected corporate business leader, former star collegiate and professional basketball player, trailblazer, and game changer. As an All-American at Queens College in 1975, Donna played at Madison Square Garden in the first ever college women’s basketball game at the famed arena. She has been recognized as one of the top 10 Most Powerful Women in Sports and one of Newsweek’s 100 most Influential people in the business of sports. She is the former president of the WNBA and Senior Vice President of the PGA. Donna is a best-selling author and acclaimed for her 2018 book, Wowsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible.

Lucille Kyvallos | Legendary Women’s Basketball Coach

Lucille is one of the foremost coaches and pioneers in women’s basketball. She helped change the playing field for women thereby changing the expectations of women’s achievements as well. Lucille has won numerous awards during her legendary career, including being inducted into several Hall of Fames. In 2017, Queens College honored Lucille by naming the home floor at their Fitzgerald Gymnasium, The Lucille Kyvallos Court.

Dave LaMont | Master of Ceremonies | Sports Commentator

Dave LaMont will serve host and be running the “play-by-play” for Jan. 18th. For nearly twenty years, he was an announcer for the ESPN family of networks. Earlier in his career, Dave was a radio announcer for Miami Hurricanes football, basketball, and baseball. He also announced Miami Heat games and was the first-ever host for the team. A South Florida legend, Dave got his start in broadcasting as the first voice of the Florida Atlantic University football team. A graduate of the University of Miami, he was the original co-host of “The First Team” on WQAM in South Florida.

David Weissman

Dave, the long-time president of SFBA, passed away in 2021 at the age of 83. He was an energetic leader who helped to expand SFBA. Dave was also a lifelong philanthropist who cared deeply in helping the less fortunate and those in need.

The Israel ParaSport Center

The Israel ParaSport Center, formerly American Friends of Israel Sport Center for the Disabled, is a world-renowned athletic rehabilitation center in Israel that transforms lives. Founded more than 60 years ago, The Center’s mission to empower people with disabilities through sports has helped thousands of Israelis lead fulfilling, successful lives. The Israel ParaSport Center currently serves more than 2,700 children and adults with disabilities and their families annually through both its holistic rehabilitative and competitive parasport programs.

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By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Filip Moroz on Unsplash


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