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Slate Swim: The Minimalist Swimwear Brand You Need To Know

Updated: Jul 16

Founded in 2015 by Jessica Liao Mayers, Slate Swim is known for designs that are sleek, timeless, and cut to showcase the female form. Their pieces are intentionally designed with a vision of minimalist swimwear with a contemporary sensibility. In October 2015, the first design was sketched and by the end of the year, Slate Swim began filling a gap in the swimwear industry, offering swimwear staples at an elevated design level. Although they are the go-to for timeless, staple pieces, the brand continues to evolve. No matter the collection, all Slate Swim pieces are designed with the Slate ethos in mind - an understated edge and modern fit. 

Integral to the Slate Swim brand is their signature fabric which is known for its buttery-soft quality, feeling like a second skin. They only design using luxe, swimwear spandex. The fabric was created with the female form in mind, as it hugs curves and smoothly showcases the body. Slate’s signature supple fabric is produced with a 4-way stretch technology that has high elasticity, ensuring comfort and confidence all day long. It is created to spring back into place without ever stretching out. 

Beyond Slate Swim’s innovative designs and signature fabric, lies their transparency in sustainable efforts within their products and business practices. In order to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the natural environment, Slate Swim strives for the best social and environmental safety for our generation and future generations to come. 

The brand designs swimwear with longevity in mind. Slate Swim styles are created to be classic and timeless, withstanding seasons and trends. At the core of the brand is their foundation in slow fashion: the process of encouraging intentional design, which ensures quality garments and slower production schedules. All collections are made in limited quantities, effectively minimizing waste. They do not overproduce in order to ensure their pieces never end up in landfills. With proper care, Slate Swim styles will last you countless wears over multiple seasons. 

To further their sustainability efforts, Slate Swim is proud to partner with a production team that parallels their values. Slate Swim styles are produced in a small, family-owned and operated business that is founded on ethical work practices, ensuring a safe and positive work environment with equal and fair pay. The brand and their production team continually work toward breaking the stereotype of overseas manufacturing and they take pride in helping small businesses thrive. 

See the Slate Swim vision and ethos come to life with their latest High Summer 2024 Collection where minimalist roots get a playful twist just in time for summer. This collection combines Slate’s classic aesthetic with statement details and a vivid color palette inspired by tropical summers abroad. The High Summer 2024 campaign takes place in Brazil’s coastal islands, capturing the essence of sun-drenched escapades.  

Instagram: SLATESWIM

Photography credit: Paula Minetti shot by Jeffrey Chan in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil 

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Jeffrey Chan


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