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Sinus Problems & Nasal Allergy

Sinus infections and nasal allergies are one of the most common reasons to seek medical care.

As specialists, we approach these problems with state-of-the-art methods for evaluating and treating the problem. Advanced level evaluation allows us to make the proper diagnosis, allowing for the best treatment options.

Evaluation often requires a diagnostic nasal endoscopy to assess the internal structures of the nose and the sinus drainage pathways. A CT scan of the sinus region is used to evaluate for infection or obstruction of the sinuses and allergy testing is used to determine whether swelling and tissue reaction due to an allergic response is contributing to the nasal problem.

Treating difficult nasal and sinus problems can be performed with various medications, sinus and nasal surgery or a combination of both. Surgical procedures may be done in the office under local anesthesia or in a hospital or outpatient facility under general anesthesia, depending on the individual needs.

We perform minimally for nasal treatment including:

  • Balloon Sinuplasty - an office-based procedure to dilate narrowed sinus openings to help reduce recurring or persistent sinus infections.

  • Clarifix® - an office-based procedure using a freezing technique to reduce nasal drainage

  • VivAer® - an office-based procedure to improve the nasal airway.

Advanced sinus procedures and functional sinus surgery are performed in surgical facilities. These procedures can include repair of a deviated septum and the Latera® nasal implant, which can help breathing in certain patients.

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