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Rotem Bensaadom Crowned The 2024 Swim Upcycle Challenge Winner At Paraiso Miami Swim Week

On May 31 during Paraiso Miami Swim Week, five finalists had the special opportunity to debut their designs on the runway, vying for coveted mentorships, a generous cash prize, and a treasure trove of Sharpie Creative Markers, all decided by a judging panel of luminaries including Gina Lazaro, Vice President of Brand Management for Sharpie’s parent company, Newell Brands; Ivy Heilman, Senior Buyer for Intimates, Swim and Active at Anthropologie; Keili Leahy, Senior Buyer at URBAN OUTFITTERS; and Madison Rexroat, ELLE Magazine.

After careful deliberation, the judging panel crowned ROTEM BENSAADON the 2024 Swim Upcycle Challenge Winner at Paraiso Miami Swim Week May 31, 2024. ROTEM is a graduating student at Istituto Marangoni at the Miami School of Fashion and Design and showcased two custom designed bikini looks all from recycled materials. To accent the swimwear runway styles, ROTEM created two clutch purses from recycled cans, spray painted in silver metallic then hand drew prints using the new Sharpie Creative Markers’ paint-like, no-bleed ink in colors that pop on light and dark surfaces.

Each contestant showcased custom looks on the runway to a sold-out audience, from which the judges decided live at the event where they announced ROTEM BENSAADON as the winner. All the contestants custom designed accessories made with the Sharpie Creative Markers remain on display at the Paraiso Swim Week main tent through June 2nd.

The event’s purpose is to "create opportunity for young creator talent, support sustainability for the future of fashion, and encourage creativity and self-expression through our ‘World is Your Canvas’ campaign in celebration of the launch of Sharpie® Creative Markers,” said Gina Lazaro, Vice President of Brand Management for Sharpie’s parent company, Newell Brands.

Sharpie will also support all the designers of Paraiso Miami Swim Week through their sponsorship partnerships including another on runway collaboration with ACACIA.

Swim Upcycle Challenge Winner ROTEM BENSAADON walks runway with her models wearing designs and accessories accented with Sharpie Creative Markers

2024 Swim Upcycle Challenge judges (right to left), Gina Lazaro, Vice President of Brand Management for Sharpie’s parent company, Newell Brands Ivy Heilman, Senior Buyer for Intimates, Swim and Active at Anthropologie;  Keili Leahy, Senior Buyer at URBAN OUTFITTERS; and Madison Rexroat, ELLE Magazine.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Sharpie and Paraiso, Miami Swim Week 2024


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