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Sera Sera Club, a Private Members-Only Lifestyle Club Founded by Steven & Chelsea Roth, is Now Open

Miami married power couple, Steven and Chelsea Roth, founders of the Sera Sera Club, a private, members-only lifestyle club located in the bubbling MiMo District of Miami, are making alternative wellness practices popular in Miami while also bringing together local creatives to embrace art, wellness and entertainment-focused projects and activations at their tropical oasis located in the Baywood Historic District in MiMo Miami.

Licensed dentist turned hypnotherapist, Dr. Steven Roth, and fashion designer/event planner, Chelsea Roth, have aligned and pivoted their careers earlier this year after an increased demand for alternative wellness practices in a post COVID-19 pandemic world have come to the forefront with a variety of resources to overcome mental blocks and challenges via scientifically studied and documented alternative healing and wellness practices including hypnotherapy,

Having moved to MiMo Miami in 2020 after living in Canada, fast forward to 2022 and they have created and designed a tropical oasis and forever home that has become a sanctuary of solitude and upliftment for many of Miami’s enlightened insiders and creatives alike.

The property includes more than 10 lush indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a variety of relaxing tropical and bohemian go-to spaces for the wellness community in Miami to host a variety of programs, experiences, events, and retreats.

This power couple has grown to dominate the wellness and alternative healing space as more Americans look outside of western medical and traditional pharmaceuticals to do inner mental work and expand their consciousness to the next level. “In turn, this is driving demand and popularity for proactive, scientifically studied mental wellness healing alternatives like hypnotherapy,” says Dr. Steven Roth, who is a licensed medical doctor and licensed hypnotherapist working with many of Miami’s locals to

In an effort to make their home a sanctuary for the wellness and creative community, hypnotherapy is one of the many offerings they provide. Dr. Steven Roth is a licensed dentist turned medical hypnotherapist based in Miami with over 33 years of experience successfully practicing as a dentist and the past decade helping patients with medical hypnosis. As the founder and leading medical hypnotherapist of his own Miami-based practice–Elite Hypnotherapy–he specializes in treating people with anxiety, depression, infertility, chronic pain and disease via guided medical hypnosis.

Chelsea is in her own right an accomplished event planner and fashion designer with budding creativity, offering a lady layer within her home in which she curates Balinese inspired women’s fashion collections as well as cultivates interior designs. “Over the last few years, we have fostered a creative fashion and wellness community here in Miami, which we are forever grateful for,” Roth said.

Her digital e-commerce site merges wellness and fashion for the healing minds while satisfying all your bohemian fashion needs. Chelsea takes her design knowledge to create beautiful tablescapes in the over 10 indoor and outdoor tropical and lush spaces designed throughout the property, making it easy to understand how they developed the name, the Sera Sera Social Club.

Other ways this power wellness couple uses their home includes hosting wellness retreats with cultivated organic culinary menus and top chefs. Whatever kind of decadent gathering you can imagine, Chelsea can create it. Beautiful wellness activations for a variety of aligned brands, public figures and organizations. From micro yoga retreats to meditation gatherings, to THC/CBD infused organic dinners as well as sound baths, set in this hidden tropical wellness oasis, they provide their friends and guests a variety of healing and therapeutic options.

For the last two years, they have collaborated with local community members, friends and loved ones to host these varied events in their home, offering a true multi-dimensional calming oasis in Miami.


The Sera Sera Club is a private, members-only lifestyle club featuring lush interior spaces and tropical areas for workshops, events, and wellness activations where members can transport themselves into a blissful, palm tree oasis. With Sera Sera Social, find your club with us, always in joy.

By ML Staff. Image Courtesy of Sera Sera Club


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