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Sean Kelly Returns to Art Basel Miami Beach

Sean Kelly is delighted to return to Art Basel Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Anthony Akinbola: Deeper, 2023

Our booth showcases a dynamic selection of painting, sculpture, photography, and works on paper from the gallery’s international roster of artists, including new Camouflage paintings by Anthony Akinbola constructed from stretched, draped and layered pieces of multi-colored durags; Julian Charrière’s large-scale heliograph’s on highly polished stainless-steel plates depicting Los Angeles oil fields; Jose Dávila’s signature cut out photographs, which appropriate images from Richard Prince’s Cowboys series; Awol Erizku’s large-scale painting adorned with sports iconography of the Miami Hurricanes, which draws inspiration from the addition, removal, and obfuscation of logos associated with street culture; new paintings by Laurent Grasso that depict plant mutations in the style of 18th and 19th century botanical plates; the sophisticated photographic compositions of beautifully detailed architectural spaces by Candida Höfer; Ilse D’Hollander’s paintings, which employ linear compositions, intense shifts in colors, and textured surfaces to highlight the dialogue between representation and abstraction; richly vibrant paintings and a totemic cast aluminum sculpture by Donna Huanca, whose work explores the human body and the natural world through mark-making and raw materials; Callum Innes’ Exposed Painting, which reveals a variety of rich colors buried within seemingly monochromatic pigments on canvas; a large-scale photo-based work by Idris Khan, which layers multiple musical scores on an aluminum panel, emphasizing the passage of time and music’s universal visual language; new abstract paintings by Hugo McCloud, which find beauty in everyday construction materials, including tar paper and single use plastic; a new photo-painting from Mariko Mori’s ongoing Genesis series, visualizing the invisible light that reaches every part of the world, which are inspired by drawings of the oldest creation myth in Japan; macro photographs of peeling paint and the deterioration of post-wall Berlin by Frank Thiel reflecting recent social and political histories; lyrical abstract paintings by Janaina Tschäpe, canvases characterized by gestural mark-making and expressive surfaces; a new Kehinde Wiley painting, which blurs the boundaries between traditional and contemporary modes of racial representation situated within the traditions of art history portraiture; and Wu Chi-Tsung’s masterful Cyano-Collages, which blend traditions of Eastern “Shan Shui” painting with Western photographic techniques to create hypnotic landscapes.

Idris Khan: Between the Curtain and the Glass, 2022

Candida Höfer: Teatro Comunale di Carpi IV, 2011

Janaina Tschäpe: Blue meadow (respirando azul), 2023

This year Sean Kelly has been invited by Art Basel Miami Beach to participate in the inaugural edition of Access, a curated sale in which 10 percent of the sales price of Wu Chi-Tsung’s Cyano Collage 182, 2023, will be donated to The International Committee of the Red Cross and The Miami Foundation.

Callum Innes: Exposed Painting Caribbean Turquoise, 2022

For the 2023 Meridians section, Sean Kelly New York/Los Angeles and Vielmetter Los Angeles co-present an ambitious, site-specific installation debuting a new series of eight large plastic paintings by Hugo McCloud inspired by his relocation to Los Angeles from Mexico.

This new body of work centers on the ubiquitous, colorful fruit cart vendor umbrellas found throughout the city of Los Angeles. McCloud draws inspiration from the simultaneous connotations of hope and displacement, labor and pleasure, color and grit, which these umbrellas signify, using them as metaphors for his experience rebuilding a life and home in this new environment. McCloud’s controlled and delicate manipulation of non-traditional multi-colored single use plastic transforms this quotidian, often overlooked material into a rich innovative form of contemporary pigment that gives new life to an often-discarded object. Whereas McCloud’s earlier works depict scenes of physical labor —vendors transporting towering piles of goods by bicycle or on foot and workers carrying loads of building materials and fruit—these new paintings indicate labor, though the figure is absent.

The paintings will be installed on two parallel walls, recalling an avenue or alley way. The walls feature a unique printed vinyl mural in muted tones of gray, sourced from McCloud’s own photo documentation of Los Angeles’ streets, its subdued tone offsetting the optimism of the colorful umbrellas.

Frank Thiel: Stadt 12/88 (Berlin), 2007

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Wu Chi-Tsung: Cyano-Collage 182, 2023

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Sean Kelly Gallery


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