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SCOPE Miami Beach 2022 Presents Innovative NFT Minted Tickets

SCOPE Art Show is proud to partner with Creative Artist Agency (CAA) and YellowHeart for a diverse curation of innovative NFT minted Platinum and General VIP tickets. Minted tickets will feature unique artwork celebrating SCOPE’s New Contemporary program, presenting artists that define our cultural landscape across a variety of creative disciplines. The limited-release tickets are on sale now on YellowHeart’s marketplace and features work from Mason Rothschild and Cool Cats.

SCOPE will return to its iconic location on the sands of Miami Beach, nestled among the iconic architecture of Ocean Drive at 8th Street. SCOPE Miami Beach opens on Tuesday, November 29th, with the Platinum First View and VIP + Press Preview and will run November 29 - December 4, 2022.


SCOPE Art Show will partner with YellowHeart for a second year to create this groundbreaking first-of-its-kind ticketing solution. Founded in 2017 by NYC-based music blockchain innovator and leader Josh Katz, YellowHeart is the leading NFT marketplace for music NFTs, event tickets and community tokens and accepts both crypto and credit card payments. YellowHeart works with artists such as Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, ZHU, and Burnley F.C.

Sitting at the intersection of what has happened to cryptocurrency and what is happening to art and ticketing, YellowHeart is taking the blockchain's power to bulldoze the norms of selling tickets and art by creating an asset class which recognizes that buyers need a mechanism to irrevocably trace provenance of a tradeable item, and creators should get paid a portion of all future profits derived from trading the work they created.



Floaties was inspired by Sebastian Vettel’s message at the Miami Grand Prix to “Act Now, Swim Later”. If we don’t act urgently on climate change now, get ready to swim to the next SCOPE art show.”


"Historically with my artwork I have heavily focused on the subject and the character. With this piece, Take Off, I really wanted to focus first on the background and emotionally how that makes you feel. The clouds slowly drift by over a bright blue sky to create a calm atmosphere. The empty field leading into the mountains creates a bigger focus on the hot air balloon. The motion of the hot air balloon is to represent a breathing cycle to reinforce the calm theme of this piece."



By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of SCOPE Art Show


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