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Productivity Coach Sandi Glandt Launches Empowering Book "Slay Your Day"

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

High-performance productivity coach, Sandi Glandt, is pleased to announce the launch of her very first book, Slay Your Day. Set to launch this summer, Slay Your Day is an empowering guide dedicated to all the successful moms and female entrepreneurs who seek to become ultra-productive and unlock their full potential in all areas of their lives. In Slay Your Day, Sandi shares the proven strategies and tactics that have worked not only for herself, but also for countless women she has coached throughout the years.

Sandi’s group and one-on-one coaching, online courses and personal tips and tools come together in this uniquely creative book, which aims to help women from all walks of life lead a more organized, fruitful and fulfilling life.

Slay Your Day shares systems and strategies to help you be more productive throughout the day, get more done, become more organized and identify non-negotiable tasks in order for women to step into the best version of themselves as entrepreneurs, wives and mothers. From chores to housework, varying obligations and extensive to-do lists, Slay Your Day challenges ambitious boss babes to get to the end of their day feeling amazing, accomplished and living in their purpose through conscious effort and decision-making.

Through her book, Sandi proves that women can indeed have it all by adopting the right mindset and the right tools to get more accomplished. Slay Your Day is carefully broken down to teach women the importance of purpose, time management, as well as identifying non-negotiables and finally, walks women through setting the right systems for themselves while taking back control of their time to reach their goals.

Based in Miami, Sandi is a respected high-performance productivity coach with a passion for women empowerment. Sandi offers a variety of courses, one-on-one and group coaching to assist women in maximizing their time and energy. She tailors her coaching to each individual client, and offers services at every level and price point, ranging from select free services to memberships and self-paced courses, among others.

Slay Your Day will be available for purchase July 2020, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers. The book will be priced as follows: $19.99 for a paperback edition, and a special promotional rate of $0.99 for the Ebook at the time of launch , the price will then increase to $4.99 once promotion is finished.


Sandi Glandt is a high-performance productivity coach for successful moms and female entrepreneurs with a passion for women empowerment. She helps overwhelmed, stressed out boss babes maximize their time, energy and productivity to be present and reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives. Sandi prides herself on her ability to help women, like herself, go from overwhelmed and burnout to balance and fulfillment.

Through her extensive digital courses, group and one-on-one coaching, Sandi helps her clients achieve maximum results. Passionate about productivity, organization and confidence, her clients rave about how Sandi’s strategies help them turn their stressed out, busy lives into balanced and massively productive ones.

Sandi is happily married to Jarrod Glandt, who together have one son, Jacob, with another son on the way. The Glandt family resides in sunny Miami, Florida, where they enjoy their free time at the beach, the water park and just spending quality time together in their backyard.


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